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New regional group wants to save drug plan members from rising costs / Phone-in: Bill Consolvo and Dave Schulein with advice on maintaining your bicycle

Rattling the Drug Supply Chains : If you're going to spend a dollar on some part of your health care, how do you make sure you spend it where it'll do the most good ? That's an especially pointed question when it comes to the steady growth in the cost of pharmaceuticals.
Whether it's your province or a privately-managed drug plan, your employer or you - the burgeoning cost of drugs could eventually consume dollars needed for other health programmes or treatments.
That's why a new, non-profit group based in Atlantic Canada is trying to rally regional and national organizations that bear the cost of these drugs to move towards a more affordable, sustainable system.
We spoke with Hugh Paton, the Executive Director of Health Plan Payers Canada. He's based in Charlottetown.
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Bombs Away, Gardeners: Lobbing "seed bombs" into vacant lots is an idea that carries a certain appeal for the renegade gardener lurking in many of you. The marble-sized bombs -  wildflower seeds embedded in moistened clay powder and compost - are being made at workshops sponsored by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. Erica in Mabou, Nova Scotia, told us why it appeals to her.

Two-Wheel Tune-Up : The recent run of sunny, warm weather across the Maritimes has encouraged many of you to haul the bikes out of the shed or garage for a spin. Or perhaps you're one of those hardy souls who've been pedalling steadily through the winter. Either way,  it's a good time to make sure your bike is running safely & smoothly.
Bill Consolvo runs Darling's Island Bike Shop near Saint John, and a new store in Moncton called Consolvo Bikes. Dave Schulein runs Ideal Bikes in Halifax. They answered your questions about bicycle choice, adjustment and maintenance. 
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