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Acadian Lines' proposed cuts to NB and NS bus service get rough ride from passengers / Ottawa's about-face on C@P cuts / Shifting constellations / Phone-in : buying or selling real estate

You Can't Get There From Here : From Port Hawkesbury in Cape Breton to Pennfield and Miramichi, New Brunswick, bus service is often the only link between small communities and cities - where government offices, post-secondary institutions and medical facilities tend to be located.
But lately that connection has been looking fragile. Acadian Coach Lines wants to drop some of its less profitable routes in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and that's raised concern in both provinces at public sessions that are part of the review process into its application. To read which routes the company wants to drop, click here. (NB routes are first, then routes in NS)
The CBC's Lindsay Bird briefed us on reactions at public hearings.

To Re-C@P Our Story...:  The federal government's abrupt about-face Tuesday afternoon on a decision to cut funding to C@P sites was welcomed by people who rely on them to access the internet and stay connected.The C@P sites offered free computer and internet access. Last Friday, the people who run those sites were told that many would be closing. Ottawa now says they'll be fully funded for the upcoming year - a reaction, perhaps to calls such as those we received on our answering machine after Tuesday's interviews on the story.

What's your sign ? In 2010, I mean ? To make a generalization, astronomers and astrologers don't usually hang out together. But there's no denying that they have a shared interest in constellations - you know : Pisces, Aries , Capricorn and all that.
In the dying seconds of Tuesday's phone-in, featuring our astronomical team of Doug Pitcairn & Dave Lane, we ran out of time before they could answer the last caller's question. So we went into a rare overtime period of the phone-in. Listen to the question and the answer about how much the constellations have moved over the millennia.

Just Like The Crocuses... :...the For Sale signs are blooming. When a person's thoughts turn towards buying or selling a house, who knows what motivations are at play ? A recent survey showed that a healthy majority of people in this region believe now would be a better time to buy than next year.
There's no doubt that interest rates are relatively low. But the realist would quickly point out this just means that they're bound to rise - which could create a financial crunch in the future.
Emotion, of course, can override reason at any point in the process - from what you budget to buy a dwelling to what you think your existing home should be worth. But since buying or selling a house is ultimately a personal - and important - decision, the more information you have, the better. We convened a panel to answer your questions. Betty Rourke is a realtor with Prudential Summit in Saint John. Bruce McLaughlin is lawyer with the Dartmouth firm of Weldon McInnis. And Ralph Rickard is a home inspector based in Dartmouth. They answered questions about buying and selling real estate.
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