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As Maritime rinks slump at Brier, region's fans find new team to cheer / Will change in federal budget make it easier for Maritime entrepreneurs to attract foreign investors ? Phone-in: Doug Bethune answers your automotive questions

I'se The B'y That Sweeps The Ice : It's the Holy Grail of Canadian men's curling - the Brier.
And the quest has led the top curling foursomes from across the country to Halifax this year. But for Maritime rinks, this will not be the year when one of them gets to clutch the trophy.
So where will the loyalty of Maritime fans go ?
CBC's Mihira Lakshman is covering the Brier, and he joined us just before hurrying down to the Metro Centre for the day's draws.

Happy Days Are Here Again : The genealogy links that disappeared from our website when the software was changed have been restored ! Terry Punch provided them to us again, along with updates and additions, and we've posted them. Click here and scroll down to Terry's name.

So Long, Red Tape : Whenever two or three Maritimers form a company around a great idea, the potential exists to turn that idea into jobs and profits. But usually, they don't have the money to cover the lean years of developing that idea into a marketplace winner.
At the same time, there are venture capitalists sitting on millions of dollars - ready, willing and able to invest in companies that could find a profitable market niche in four or five years.
It sounds like a marriage made in heaven. But when it comes to marriages between foreign investors and Canadian companies, there have been some impediments.
Last week's federal budget seems to have removed one, though.
To find out whether it's a change that could make it easier for Maritime companies to attract foreign investors, we invited two people who work at that busy intersection. Ben Forcier is Vice-President of Investment with InNOVAcorp, a Crown Corporation that works with early-stage Nova Scotia companies. Tom Hayes is President & CEO of Growthworks Atlantic Venture Fund, a labour-sponsored regional fund.

Is Your Car Giving You Static ? Static build-up in a vehicle can cause more problems than a little snap now and then. It can be the source of "ghost problems" in vehicles - glitches you can feel in your vehicle but can never pin down when you take it into the garage.
Ghost-buster Doug Bethune shared his experience in solving these problems. He also answered your automotive questions.
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