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Clearing up mixed messages about Ottawa's commitment to help the most innovative Maritime companies / Phone-in: your questions about filing 2009 income tax returns

Well, Do You Want To Fund Innovation or Not ? "Innovation" was one of the key words in the latest federal budget. Now, innovation is all well and good, but it involves more than turning good ideas into great products that create jobs. It involves big pots of money - both public and private.
In this region, though, there were some confusing messages about public funding for innovators.
Mr Flaherty announced $19 million to extend ACOA's Atlantic Innovation Fund for the next year. This fund was established a decade ago to help businesses and research institutes to develop and commercialize new technologies
But the fund had been getting about $60 million annually in five-year commitments, so this appeared to be a reduction, and that would contradict government rhetoric about "innovation".
Dr Elizabeth Beale, President & CEO of the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, has been trying to sort out what's really happening with funding for innovation in this region.

Speaking of the budget...so are you : We heard your comments from our answering machine about last week's Federal Budget phone-in, and Producer Deborah Woolway read one of your emails.

One of Life's Inevitabilities : Paul Cormier, a Senior Taxpayer Services Agent with the Canada Revenue Agency in Saint John, responded to your questions about filing your 2009 income tax form.

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