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Locked-in pension ? Need money ? You might be in the crosshairs of a scam artist / Phone-in: how to care for people with dementia (and support the caregivers)

Are You The Target of This Scam ? Let's say that early in your work history you had a job with a company and put away money in RRSPs. After changing employers, those funds became "locked in".
All right - what happens if you're now out of work and could really use that money, but haven't reached the age when you can access your savings ?
That would make you the target of a new scam that's surfaced in Atlantic Canada.
Natalie MacLellan - the Investor Education & Communications Coordinator with the Nova Scotia Securities Commission - alerted us to it.

Do Caregivers Need Care ?  Every indication is that the population of the Maritimes is aging at a steady clip. At the same time, people are living longer. Eventually, many of us will find ourselves giving care and support to elderly relatives, whether they live at home or move into assisted living facilities or nursing homes.
Dementia is already the leading cause of disability among Canadians over the age of 65. Caring for people who exhibit signs of Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia is stressful and fraught with uncertainty. How do you know if you're doing the right things ? What should you prepare for as a caregiver ?
Dr.Tiffany Chow is a behavioural neurologist specializing in early-onset dementias, based at Baycrest Hospital in Toronto - an internationally renowned academic health sciences center that focuses on aging. Dr Ken Rockwood is a professor of geriatric medicine and Alzheimer Research Chair at Dalhousie University. They answered questions about the best way to provide support to people with dementia - and for the caregivers.
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