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How a 1963 airline crash provides insights into Canadian society of the era / Phone-in: Genealogist Terry Punch

Then and Now - What An Airline Crash Can Reveal : On November 29th, 1963, five minutes after taking off from Montréal, Trans-Canada Airlines flight 831 crashed nose-first into the bush near the town of Ste-Thérèse-de-Blainville. The crash killed 118 passengers and crew, making it the worst disaster in Canadian aviation history at the time.
The vast majority of people who died were men. Most of their wives were mothers who - unlike most women today - worked in the home. They were taking care of young Baby Boomers and had no source of income beyond their husbands' salaries.
On International Women's Day, we spoke with Dr Bob Page - one of the children whose mother was widowed on November 29th, 1963 - about the lasting effects of that event on the surviving families.
Dr Page and archivist Ern Dick of Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia (who lost his uncle in the crash) have been interviewing people connected with Flight 831 or the subsequent investigation. They've produced a DVD of their preliminary research, which includes "At the Moment of Impact" - a 1965 documentary presented on CBC Television's legendary current affairs show, This Hour Has Seven Days. Our podcast today includes an audio excerpt from that show, hosted by Patrick Watson.
If you have a personal connection with the crash and want to share your memories, contact Dr Page :  rpage11 [at] cogeco [dot]ca .
If you want information about the DVD contact Ern Dick : ejdick [at] ns [dot]sympatico [dot]ca

Just In Time For St Paddy's Day: That leprechaun of the genealogical lists, Terry Punch, had information about several good Irish websites you can use to search online if the fancy takes you for a good place to start, click here ). He also answered questions about researching your ancestry.

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