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Large egg producers withdraw request that Marketing Council reduce size of free-range flocks / Phone-in: Dietitian and cookbook author Mary Sue Waisman answers questions on how to plan a diet that meets your needs for nutrition and energy

Small Farms in the Big Picture [Eggs] :The egg is such a staple of our diet, that refrigerators come with special trays for them.But the eggs we put in those trays can have very different pedigrees. We can buy cheaper, uniformly-graded eggs that come from large, industrial operations or pay a premium for eggs from small, free-range flocks.
In Prince Edward Island, free-range flocks aren't allowed to get any bigger than 299 birds. But in January, the large egg producers requested that the Marketing Council reduce the size of those flocks to 49.
Well, that stuck in the craw of small farmers. Last month, Raymond Loo - who sells eggs at the Charlottetown Farmers Market - told PEI's agriculture committee that he'd have to do the same amount of work for 49 free-range hens as he would for 299, so his bottom line would take an immediate hit. That position was vigorously supported by Islanders who want a steady supply of free-range eggs.
But when MN called the Egg Commodity Marketing Board yesterday, we learned that in the wake of those objections, the large producers have decided to withdraw their request to limit free-range flocks any further.
We contacted Ranald MacFarlane. He and his wife Melanie are relieved to hear that. They operate Pleasant Pork Farm in Fernwood, PEI.

The All-Canadian Diet ? When Canadians are asked about their favourite local food, as they were in a survey conducted recently on behalf of the Dietitians of Canada,  beef, apples, corn on the cob, potatoes, cheese,  maple syrup and lobster topped their list.  
Guess which part of the country voted for the lobster?  
The survey clearly shows that Canadians enjoy a wide variety of foods - a key factor in eating well. Mary Sue Waisman knows about that. She's a dietitian, chef and author of Flavour First: Delicious Food to Bring the Family Back to the Table. She shared her suggestions for following a healthy diet - one that's tailored to your needs.  
And if you're interested in the salad that Mary Sue mentioned at the end of the show, the recipe can be found on this webpage from the Dietitians of Canada : click here.

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