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HMCS Halifax crew returns from Haiti / NS Premier : "If it's good for Moncton, it's good for Halifax" / Phone-in : Mary Anne White and Richard Wassersug answer questions about The Science of Everyday Life

Safely Home : The 225 crew members of HMCS Halifax are happy to be home after a six week humanitarian aid mission to Haiti. The ship and crew were hastily deployed after the earthquake that pulverized the impoverished nation on January 12th.  
What the crew saw and heard and smelled was much more intense than anything we experienced through the media.      
CBC National reporter Stephen Puddicombe - who reported from Haiti following the earthquake and in previous years - joined the crew's friends and family on the jetty for the homecoming. He spoke with Michael Van Herk and his 13-year old daughter Allisa.

Where's That Old Interprovincial Antagonism ? Nova Scotia's Premier gave his listeners something to chew over during a Tuesday breakfast gathering sponsored by the province's Chamber of Commerce. Listen to Darrell Dexter's response when asked whether he felt there's need for greater regional cooperation among Maritime governments.
If you can think of a specific area in which the Maritimes could gain through better collaboration or cooperation, let us know by sending your comment: Click here.

Sprint or long-haul ? Flexible or stiff ?
  It's the difference between the athlete who excels at the 100 meter sprint and the one who competes in the marathon. It's the difference between tires that need to be replaced after 40,000 km and those that roll safely for 100,000.
And what about our own body parts, which seem to have different best-before dates ?
Drs.Mary Anne White and Richard Wassersug talked about the quality of "endurance" in humans and materials. Mary Anne is University Research Professor of Chemistry & Physics at Dalhousie University. Richard is Professor of Biology, Anatomy & Neurobiology at Dal, but joined us from Melbourne, Australia.
They answered your questions about The Science of Everyday Life

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