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Will closure of fresh pork line at Larsen's provide opportunity for other processors ? The Oak Island obsession : what keeps people searching for buried treasure ? Phone-in: Art Irwin on preventing "ice dams" and keeping your house warm

Hog Heaven or Hog Hell ? Despite the fact that large populations don't eat it for religious reasons, the most popular meat in the world is pork. Nevertheless, the pork industry in the Maritimes has seen an astounding decline over the past decade. And Thursday's news that Larsen's will stop processing fresh pork in Berwick, Nova Scotia raises more questions about where the pork on local meat counters will come from.
We spoke with Herman Berfelo, a hog producer who's president of Antigonish Abattoir - a Federally-Inspected meat processing facility owned by 15 farmers.
Monday on Maritime Noon, Phil Moscovitch will intoduce us to a farmer who's taken a different path to survival, selling chicken, pork, beef and lamb directly to consumers.

The Dreaded Ice Dam : It's been a typical Maritime winter. December was relatively forgiving, and we all cheered up with the late January thaw. Yes, there was that short-lived deep freeze, and next, we'll have the tricky month of March to deal with. The weather can swing from bitterly cold to weirdly mild, from wet snow to heavy rains and gusty winds - maybe all within 24 hours.  
Any under the right conditions, many of you will have gigantic icicles hanging from your rain gutters. That's the symptom of a heating and insulation problem.
Art Irwin explained the cause of what's known as "ice-damming" told us how to prevent it. He also answered questions about energy conservation and how to get the most out of your heating system

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