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The pharmaceutical industry and its influence on health research / Phone-in: Terry O'Reilly - host of the show - and now co-author of the book - entitled "The Age of Persuasion" on effective advertising

It's hard to think of a single aspect of health that doesn't present a knot of public and private interests. Even walking, the most basic of healthy activities, poses a question with commercial implications : "Should I  walk with or without shoes ?"
I'm not kidding. There are studies that say walking barefoot decreases osteoarthritis. But shoe manufacturers would point out the protection their footwear offers from cuts and abrasions that leave you vulnerable to infections & parasites.
On February 15th, I was invited to moderate a panel on the influence of commercial interests in medical research. It was organized by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs. Over the next week, we'll present excerpts from that discussion.
Today, you'll hear from three Dalhousie University professors : Dr Don Weaver of the School of Biomedical Engineering, Jocelyn Downie of the Faculties of Law and Medicine, and - first of all - Fran├žoise Baylis of the Department of Bioethics.

Some whisper, some shout, some wave signs. But do you ever feel as if you're walking through life in the middle of a crowd of thousands of people desperately trying to get your attention ? It's as if their lives depended on it.
Well - their livelihoods do. Advertisers who fail to interest you in the product they're selling could be out of pocket or even out of a job.
Andt for you - the target of their attention - navigating through life becomes a matter of not being distracted by all those  flashy, loud or seductive come-ons.
So you record your shows, fast-forward past the ads, get the latest pop-up blocker, or just  develop tunnel vision. But that's the challenge for those attention-seekers, who'll continue to exist, adapt and evolve.
Terry O'Reilly is one of the people who seeks attention for his clients. And he's earned the attention of millions of Canadians with his weekly CBC Radio show - "The Age of Persuasion". He & his collaborator Mike Tennant have now produced a book of the same name, subtitled "How Marketing Ate Our Culture". Mr O'Reilly's studied the history of his industry - the visionaries, the turning points, and what it takes for an advertiser to cut through the noise and get your attention. We invited you to call him with your questions about advertising or to tell him why you think a certain ad got through to you.
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