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Manager of hostel in Wentworth cries foul over the way he was fired; president says firing was deserved / Phone-in: Anne Hunt and Sheree Fitch : What's the most memorable children's story or poem in your life ?

Hostel Hostility ? Disputes between employers and employees arise on a regular basis. Sometimes, they end with an unpleasant parting of ways.
When your place of work is also where you live, things get especially tricky. And when the person who wrote the report that got you fired then takes over your job, well, we're into a very difficult situation.
That appears to be the case with Jonathan Pederson and his wife, who manage Hostelling International's facility in Nova Scotia's Wentworth Valley.
Mr. Pederson leaves his job on Monday.
We spoke with him and with Diane Powell, the president of Hostelling International Maritimes, and a resident of Wentworth.

Your happy place : As busy grown-ups with our minds juggling a million details all day, it's hard to recall a time when we experienced utter contentment, warmth and peace.
But it's back there in most of our lives. Cuddled up next to a parent or an older brother or sister who's reading us a story. Or all alone with a picture book, with our eyes soaking up every colourful detail.Or, when we're slightly older and able to read, under the covers with a chapter book, immersed in lives and places different from anything we've yet experienced.
The intersection of our young imaginations with those of gifted writers and illustrators is a wonderful personal landmark.
Our guests were Anne Hunt & Sheree Fitch. They're  the recipients of the 2009-2010 Wallace Fellowship. They've used it to immerse themselves in the Eileen Wallace Collection at UNB Fredericton, which contains a large number of Atlantic Canadian books for children.
Our question : What's the most memorable children's story or poem in your life ?
To enter Portolan - developed by the Eileen Wallace Children's Literature Collection at UNB - and to see its annotated bibliography of Atlantic Canadian Children's Literature, click here .

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