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Ganong Panel report on NB/Québec power deal / George Iny's advice for Toyota owners / Rock 'em, sock 'em responses to phone-in on hockey violence / Phone-in : Art Irwin on new regulations for oil tanks and answers to heating system questions

The most divisive political issue in New Brunswick - and one which ripples into the whole region - is the proposed power deal with Hydro-Québec. The political uproar was so loud that Premier Shawn Graham appointed a 6-person panel chaired by David Ganong to study the Memorandum of Understanding and report publicly.
But the uproar continued, and the proposed sale of assets was amended. The Liberal government reduced the deal from the original $4.75-billion to $3.2-billion - still a substantial amount. This change might have complicated the panel's job, but its chairman  has delivered the assessment, along with recommendations.
CBC Reporter Jacques Poitras gave us the details.
To read the report from the "Advisory Panel on the Proposed New Brunswick - Québec Electricity Transaction", click here.

Toyota Canada has announced that its technicians will install a steel reinforcement bar to fix sticky gas pedals. The fault led to the recall last month of about 270,000 vehicles in Canada,  and 4.2 million vehicles worldwide.   
The Canadian division of Toyota Motor Corporation says it will begin fixing accelerator pedals in some recalled vehicles by the end of this week, but it's unclear how long customers will have to wait before the problem is addressed.
George Iny of the Automobile Protection Association - a frequent guest on the phone-in - had advice for Toyota owners who might not be able to get their cars into the dealership immediately.

Well, Don Cherry and some other commentators on CBC TV's Hockey Night in Canada took it on the chin during last Friday's phone-in, when we asked what's the best way to prevent hockey violence ?
Our guest, Globe and Mail columnist Roy MacGregor, is critical of a hockey environment that he says makes tough hits and fighting acceptable. Hits to the head are in the news because of the recent elbow-to-the-head shot Quebec Major Junior player Patrice Cormier gave Mikael Tam - an assault that left Tam convulsing on the ice.  Police are investigating the incident and charges could be laid.
Cormier is an NHL prospect, and that body says it will convene a summit on hockey violence. But MacGregor doesn't think they'll do much. He also took aim at Hockey Night in Canada, and the rock 'em, sock 'em videos that are commentator Don Cherry's stock in trade (MacGreor's criticisms were mild, compared with those of Maclean's magazine's Martin Patriquin ). Producer Deborah Woolway dropped in with your emails and comments on the answering machine.

 Would you like your oil tank outside the house, or in ? Well, if it's a new installation, you don't have a choice any more. To get details on changes to the national code that regulates domestic oil tanks, we invited heating consultant Art Irwin back into the studio. And, from now until one o'clock he'll also answer questions about how to get the most from your heating system and how to conserve energy
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