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Can Amherst businesses compete with bargains across the border in NB ? Biggest tender for oil and gas development in NB's history in play / Phone-in: Dr Gabor Maté : How can parents establish a loving and lasting relationship with children ?

We all call a particular province home. But where you live in that province could test your identity - and your wallet.
The border town of Amherst, Nova Scotia is fighting for its economic life, and  results from a recent on-line survey conducted by its Chamber of Commerce show just how much is at stake. Making a run across the border into New Brunswick to buy cheaper gas and perhaps a load of groceries has become the norm for many citizens in the Amherst area - and that's eroding the town's economic base.  
That's something Randy Smith, President of the Amherst and Area Chamber of Commerce, wants to reverse. We spoke with him.
But what about you ? Do you have ideas for border communities whose citizens see better bargains on the other side of the line ? If you live in one of those communities, how do you choose where to spend your money ? Call us at 1-800-565-5463.

As a call for tenders, it's a doozy.
More than a million hectares of New Brunswick have been put up for tender for companies that want to explore for oil and gas.
One of the tracts stretches from the Northumberland Strait almost to the US border.
The bids - which will be opened in mid-March - could generate a one-time bump of more than $10 million dollars for the province. But what could exploration on that much land mean ?
To find out, we've contacted Keith Endresen, Manager of Petroleum Tenure for New Brunswick's Department of Natural Resources.
To read the Call For Tenders and to see the map of land blocks, click here .

It's a disturbing and misunderstood trend, and it's worrying many mothers and fathers these days. Simply put, it's the growing concern that their role and importance in their children's lives has been replaced by their children's friends.
Baulking at parental authority and spending time with friends is nothing new, and is usually regarded as part of growing up and becoming independent.
But Dr Gabor Maté says that "peer orientiation" - that is,  the tendency of young people to look to kids their own age for direction and advice, for a sense of right and wrong, for values, identity and codes of behaviour - is undermining family cohesion.
He has also concluded that peer orientation poisons the school atmosphere, fosters an aggressively hostile and sexualized youth culture, and may provide a powerful explanation for schoolyard bullying and youth violence.
Those theories are laid out out in the best selling book he co-authored with psychologist Dr Gordon Neufeld called "Hold on to Your Kids:  Why Parents Need To Matter More Than Peers". We invited you to call with your questions or comments about establishing a loving and lasting relationship with your children - especially when you compete with teen peers.

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