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The lowdown on the degree of risk involved in new airport scanners / Why are so many teenaged girls physically inactive ? Phone-in : "What made you decide to live in the Maritimes ?"

The botched attempt to blow up an American jetliner on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit has had a huge impact on airport security around the world. Many airports have introduced - or will introduce - full body scanners for passengers.
There are different kinds of body scanners - and some use radiation to get the body image required. That concerns some flyers.
But does the amount of radiation used in these devices present a health risk to travelers who get scanned ? And do risks increase if you fly a lot ?
We asked Karren Fader. She teaches nuclear medicine technology and radiation safety at Dalhousie University's School of Health Sciences. She's also  President of the Nova Scotia Association of Medical Radiation Technologists.

What will it take to encourage teenaged girls to get active and stay active ?
The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity is worried about just that. Its research shows that girls become less active when they hit their adolescent years. By the time they hit 19, 38% of girls are inactive.
That has serious implications for their future health.
The story rang true for Sara Lipton of Halifax, in an email read by MN producer Deborah Woolway.  

Should I stay or should I go ?
We all confront that question at some point - perhaps many times in the course of a lifetime. And the choice we make is profound.
It can be as dramatic as to move to another country where you have no contacts, and  little familiarity with the culture and language. That's the immigrant experience.
You can move within Canada, or your region, or your province. You can also choose to stay in your home town when most of your friends are leaving for what they see as greener pastures.
The decision can be laboriously plotted, with long lists of pros & cons. It can also be made on a whim.
Our question: "What made you decide to live in the Maritimes ?"
Our guests were Kim Walsh, who hosts and writes the blog "East Coast By Choice". She lives in Halifax. Andrea Rennick lives in Lakeville, New Brunswick, just north of Woodstock, where she and her husband work as freelance web developers.

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