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Fire, power outages, floods and mopping up in downtown Halifax / The Uncool Factor : Why teenage girls take a pass on exercise / Phone-in: What are the best or worst ads in circulation today ?

So, where's the plague of locusts ? People who live and work in downtown Halifax were wondering they took stock of a triple whammy of fire, flood damage and power outages on Tuesday morning.
Fire broke out in a building that houses apartments and restaurants on a street across from the Via Rail station in the south end of Halifax, and power was shut off affecting thousands of residents and many businesses. Meanwhile, in the centre of town, city crews were cleaning up after a water main broke and flooded onto streets and into restaurants and other businesses. James Campbell of the Halifax Water Commission explained how the water problems began.

When we had our fitness phone-in last Friday, we didn't get a single call from a teenage girl. As much as we love to get calls from Maritimers of all ages, we didn't worry : at that time of day, young women are either at school or hanging out with friends over lunch.
But when it comes to the fitness of that demographic group, someone is worried.
The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport - or CAAWS - has found that girls start becoming less active when they hit their adolescent years. They're less active than boys their age, and then, the gap between the sexes widens even more. By the time young women hit the 15-19 age range, 38% are inactive - with all the implications this has for their future health.
Focus groups with teenage girls in several Canadian cities unearthed some interesting reasons for why they aren't physically active. And those reasons also suggested what would motivate young women to get moving. (to read the report, "In Her Voice", click here.)
We spoke with Sydney Millar, National Programme Manager for the The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity.

Companies have always gravitated to the best medium for attracting our attention. From handbills and radio commercials to billboards and TV ads, they've always wanted to make sure that we take an interest in their product or service.
But unlike those earlier media, the latest move to the web gives companies the means of communicating directly with consumers - and consumers the means of communicating right back.
Margaret MacQuarrie and Iain Macleod communicated their thoughts about this latest stage in the evolution of advertising. Margaret runs Word Person Inc., and - as she explains on her website - she likes to tell other people's stories in a variety of media. Iain operates Iain Macleod Creative Services and does communications work for clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors.
Our question : "What's the best or worst ad in circulation today ?"

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