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How vulnerable are you to storm damage ? Comments on Stephen Harper's style and tactics / Phone-in: Our fitness panel answers questions on getting in shape and avoiding injury

Extreme weather events in the Maritimes and associated damage are becoming more frequent. The insurance industry is treating climate change as a fact - not a debatable point : just ask the actuaries.
Last weekend's storm surges nailed communities in all three provinces. Port Elgin has asked the province of New Brunswick for about $750,000 to cover damages to homes and businesses. As well, spring freshets in the St John River Valley and even flash floods from heavy downpours in urban areas have damaged property, too.
But there's still a fair amount of confusion over what storm damages can be covered by your insurance policy - especially if your home, business or cottage is in a vulnerable area.
To clarify some of those issues, we contacted Bill Adams, Regional Vice President for the Insurance Bureau of Canada.
And for an explanation of "storm surge", click here.

He's calculated that Canadians "care more about the luge than the legislature" and he's described as a "competent tactician with a ruthless streak".
That's the acerbic assessment by the right-of-centre and highly influential international newsmagazine, The Economist, of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to prorogue Parliament.
Meanwhile, an Ekos poll result released yesterday suggests Canadians are unsettled by the decision to shut down Parliament, by a margin of two to one.
Yesterday on the phone-in (listen to the January 7th podcast), we tried to leave polls and anti-prorogation Facebook protests aside. We asked what you thought our government and Parliamentarians should be doing between now and the next election, and which issues were most important to you.
Producer Deb Woolway joined me with some of the responses we received after the phone-in.

They're here, they're lookin' good and they want to help you get healthy by getting in shape and staying that way. Yes, brimming with renewed resolve, we've reconvened our Fitness Panel of Ashley Stewart and Darren Steeves. Ashley is manager of membership and fitness with the YMCA-YWCA of Saint John, and Darren is the Fitness Co-ordinator at the Dalplex in Halifax. They answered questions about starting a fitness program, tweaking your current routine to get more benefits, and getting help for strain injuries.

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