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Is it time for a revival of the Halifax to Boston ferry ? More stories of storm surge destruction / Phone-in: Genealogist Terry Punch on family health histories

Yarmouth to Portland. Saint John to Digby. North Sydney to Port-aux-Basques. Wood Islands to Caribou.
Recent news stories about ferry routes in the region haven't been especially happy ones.
They've tended to focus on the ferries' heavy dependence on public subsidies to cover losses, or on how much smaller ports rely on the sheer existence of ferry traffic - regardless of who's picking up the tab.
But supporters of a long-simmering idea think this might be the year when conditions align for a revival of the Halifax-Boston ferry service, with three departures a week from each port.
We spoke with Martin Karlsen, the lead partner of American Ferries Inc. at his Karlsen Shipping office in Halifax. For information on the proposal, click here.

Damaged seawalls and breakwaters. Cottages lifted from their foundations. Flooded basements. Maritimers are still taking stock of the upheaval wrought by recent storm surges. Katherine Reed called with an update from Fisherman's Harbour in Nova Scotia. (And if you suffered the effects of the latest storm surge, call our toll-free answering machine with your story : 1-800-565-5463).

Phone-in: In the world of geneaology, the term "medical history" takes on special significance. Knowing more about longevity patterns in extended families, inherited traits, the tendency in some families to have certain clusters of health issues can not only help you track down your ancestors - it can have practical relevance for you and your family's health.
Genealogist Terry Punch shared his observations about  health patterns in genealogy, and answered questions about tracking your ancestors.

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