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Responsible Communication/Natalie Maclean on wine


Journalists in Canada have a new weapon to ward off the threat of libel suits.  It's called the defense of "responsible communication," and it's not just available to reporters. Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that publishers can escape liability if they can show they tried to verify the facts and if the published material is a matter of public interest. Dean Jobb is a long-time journalist, author and professor at University of King's College in Halifax where he has taught media law, and he shared his interpretation of the ruling on "responsible communication"

Do you find yourself wandering down the aisles of a wine store overwhelmed by all those choices and wondering what to buy?  Does the suggestion "just bring a bottle!" throw you into a panic?  La Rioja or Riesling , red, white or sparkling? If you've always wondered about what goes well with what, or just want some ideas about what to serve with the Christmas turkey, Natalie MacLean can help you out.  She's the author of Red White and Drunk All Over, and writes a wine column for Saltscapes Magazine. She was our guest and answered all your questions about wine.  Check out her website at www.nataliemaclean.com.

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