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Another McDonald's Mouse, Gardening Qs, Campaign Chaos

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

A Nova Scotian comes forward with another story about a mouse in a McDonald's coffee cup. More of your tales about an influx of ladybugs. Marjorie Willison answers your questions about putting the garden to bed for the season. Plus, a candidate in the Charlottetown election on breaking up a street fight.

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Ladybugs, Veterinarian Qs, Your Feedback

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

Why some Maritimers are reporting an invasion of ladybugs. Veterinarian Dr. Eric Carnegy answers your pet questions. Plus, your thoughts on preventing medical mistakes.

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Coffee Mouse, Medical Mistakes, Killer Whale

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

An NB man finds a mouse at the bottom of his McDonald's coffee. A doctor, a lawyer and a patient advocate discuss what it would take to cut down on medical mistakes, and improve confidence in the system. Plus, a rare killer whale surfaces in the Bay of Fundy.

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Community Mailbox, Genealogist, Fish Stocking

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

A Nova Scotian wonders why Canada Post won't assign him to the community mailbox closest to his home. Terry Punch answers your genealogy questions. Plus, efforts to reintroduce fish to the North River following a big fish kill in PEI this past summer.

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Record-Breaking Tuna, Chimney Sweep, Your Feedback

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

We hear how a 12-year-old in NS caught a record-breaking tuna. A chimney sweep answers your questions about wood stoves, fireplaces and chimneys. Plus, your thoughts on legalizing marijuana

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Legalizing Marijuana, Ebola, Double Murder Case

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

Why some of the top addiction experts in the country are calling for the legalization of marijuana. Your questions about the Ebola epidemic. The crown prosecutor in a PEI double murder case states his views. Plus, your feedback on forcing healthcare workers to take the flu shot.

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Spiked Potato, Mandatory Flu Shot, Your Feedback

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

President of Linkletter Farms responds after a customer found a needle in a potato. Your thoughts on whether healthcare workers should be forced to get the flu shot. Plus, your feedback on unions - and whether they're too powerful.

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Cpl. Francis Death, Unions Too Powerful?

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

NB RCMP officer with PTSD commits suicide. Your feedback on prescriptions drugs and an HPV vaccine for boys. Plus, we ask: Are unions too powerful?
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Ebola Patient, Multiple Prescriptions, Your Feedback

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

We check in on a former Haligonian, seeking treatment for Ebola in the US. Your thoughts on the Nova Scotian man upset with Canada Post asking intrusive medical questions to determine eligibility for door-to-door delivery. Plus, what to do if you're worried you're taking too many prescription drugs.

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Controversial Questions, Home Reno Panel, Your Thoughts

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

A Nova Scotia man with disabilities says Canada Post asked inappropriate medical questions when he applied to keep his door-to-door mail delivery. The home renovation panel takes your questions about decks. Plus, your thoughts on changing the lyrics to O Canada.

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