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Dalhousie Protest, Bologna Tips + Memories

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

We hear from one of the protesters gathering outside the Dalhousie School of Dentistry. We also touch base with the author of a letter to the Dal President, that has gone viral on Facebook. Then tips from a bologna cookbook author, and some of your favourite memories of the beloved meat.

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Restorative Justice at Dal, Insurance Qs, Your Feedback

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

Reaction after Dal U opts for a restorative justice process for dentistry students who posted sexually-explicit comments on Facebook. Advice on buying travel insurance that will cover you. Plus, more of your re-gifting stories!

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Naming Rehteah, Re-Gifting Etiquette, Your Feedback

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

Rehteah Parson's father reacts after NS announces she can be named despite a publication ban. Your thoughts on repercussions for Dal dentistry students who made sexually-explicit comments on Facebook. Your best re-gifting stories and some expert advice on the dos and don'ts. Plus, more of your thoughts on a dry navy.

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Dal Investigates Hate Sex Comments, Dry Navy

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

Dalhousie University investigates dentistry students involved in a Facebook group that discussed having hate sex with women. Your thoughts on banning sailors from drinking while at sea.

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Mumps Info, Everyday Science Qs, Syrian Refugees

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

How to protect yourself from the mumps, after an outbreak in the NHL. More of your thoughts on food safety inspections at community suppers. Mary Anne White answers your everyday science questions. Plus, why a group in PEI decided to bring a refugee family to the island.

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Deadly Dinner, Oland Case, Wildlife Qs, Near Drowning

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

A church supper in Nackawic turns deadly. News that Dennis Oland has been ordered to stand trial for second degree murder in the death of his father. Wildlife biologist Bob Bancroft answers your questions. Plus, a dramatic near-drowning story in a flooded basement.

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Storm Aftermath, Language on Report Cards, Oil Patch Jobs

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

We hear about flooded houses, and a vehicle in a sink-hole, following the latest storm. We ask: Do modern report cards make sense to you? Plus, the downside to the low cost of oil - fewer jobs for Maritimers in the oil patch.

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Poley Fire, Home Heating, Bad Drivers

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

Surveying the damage after the lodge at Poley Mountain burns to the ground. More of your thoughts on kids watching porn. Art Irwin answers your home heating questions. Plus, a facebook page dedicated to documenting bad driving in Saint John.

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Paralyzed Teen, Kids and Porn, Your Feedback

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

We hear from the father of a NS teen shot in a home invasion. What to do about kids watching porn. Plus, more of your feedback on "ageism" in society.

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Prisoners, Ageism, Your Feedback

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

Yet another prisoner is mistakenly released from jail in NS. Concerns that prisoners are spending too much time in solitary confinement. Your thoughts on ageism and discrimination against seniors. Plus, feedback on the idea of making the Maritimes more accessible to those with disabilities.

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