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A Divided Church, Wood Smoke Bylaw, Your Thoughts

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

  • We hear about a church in Plaster Rock, N.B., that's accused of dividing families
  • On the phone-in: would you support a bylaw restricting the use of wood stoves?
  • Plus, your thoughts on the future of journalism without newspapers

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Ethical Veganism Protection, Do Newspapers Still Matter? An Update to Cameron Conrad's Story

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

  • Should ethical veganism be a protected human right?
  • On the phone-in: are newspapers worth saving?
  • Cameron Conrad, the terminally ill Nova Scotia man in Alberta gets his wish to come home, thanks to hundreds of donations

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Senior Suffers Brain Damage After Attempted Robbery, Paying Off the Mortgage, Your Thoughts

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

  • The daughter of a 77-year-old victim of an attempted robbery describes her mother's struggles since it happened
  • On the phone-in: could you pay off your mortgage faster?
  • Plus, your thoughts on Katimavik and affordable internet

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Travel Complaint, Push to Bring Back Katimavik, Call for Affordable Internet

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

  • The CBC's consumer watchdog, Yvonne Colbert, tells us about a dream vacation turned sour
  • On the phone-in: should Katimavik get another chance?
  • Anti-poverty group calls for cheaper internet for low income Canadians

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Campaign to Bring Sick N.S. Man Home from Alberta, Drones, More Forgotten Foods

Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

  • An N.S. family fundraises more than $40 000 to fly terminally sick man  home
  • On the phone-in: your drone questions and concerns
  • Plus, you add more tasty (and not so tasty) treats to our list of forgotten foods

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    Settlement Agencies Face Refugee Language Barrier, Forgotten Foods, Your Thoughts

    Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

  • Moncton newcomers group describes settling steady flow of refugees with unexpected language barrier
  • Your thoughts on the Donkin Mine
  • On the phone-in: forgotten foods

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    N.S. Fraudster Strikes Again, Your Thoughts, How Clean Is Your Hospital

    Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

  • A N.S. dog breeder describes being scammed by a known fraudster
  • Your thoughts on the Energy East Pipeline
  • On the phone-in: how clean is your hospital?

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    Should the Donkin Mine Reopen? A Potash Worker Mourns Her Job, More Sly Foxes

    Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

  • On the phone-in: should the Donkin mine get another chance? 
  • A long time worker at the Picadilly potash mine shares her story of the mine's closure
  • More stories of foxes stealing newspapers - and other things

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    Energy East Uproar, Human Rights Victory for First Nations Children, Retired: What Now?

    Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

  • The battle over the Energy East Pipeline heats up
  • The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal rules First Nations children face discrimination in child welfare cases
  • On the phone-in: did you struggle with retirement or embrace it?
  • A sly newspaper thief is caught on video surveillance.

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    Thieves Strip a N.B. Cottage, Chronicle Herald Employees On Strike, Bad Hockey Rink Behaviour

    Posted by Geraldine Thibeau

  • A N.B. woman describes how thieves stole everything from her cottage, even the windows and doors
  • Author and CBC reporter Jacques Poitras on why an Irving buyout of the Halifax Chronicle Herald would make business sense
  • On the phone-in: what bad behaviour have you witnessed at the hockey rink? 

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