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About the Project

Commissioned by documentary and CBC, MARCH TO THE TOP is a compelling and emotional documentary highlighting the challenges faced by 12 wounded and ill Canadian vets as they struggle to the 20,305 ft. high summit of Island Peak, a mountain near Everest in the Himalayas. Viewers are with the soldiers every step of the way as they train in the Canadian Rockies, arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal, and set out for the month-long trek up to Everest base camp, finally attempting to summit Island Peak itself.

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MARCH TO THE TOP also gives Canadians a window into the lives of these courageous soldiers by visiting their homes and families across Canada to discover why they joined the armed forces, how they sustained their injuries, what their present lives are like and what their hopes are for the future. MARCH TO THE TOP is not about the injuries and experiences of these soldiers while serving, but about what they’re doing next in their lives and what they need to do to get there.

In addition to the documentary, Canadians will be engaged further into the story through an interactive website, social media and additional content on CBC-TV and CBC Radio One.

The documentary is produced by Muse Entertainment, a multiple-award winning film and television production house based in Montreal and Canadian Adventure Productions based in Ottawa, which is headed by director Ben Webster, who has led five successful Mount Everest expeditions.