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The Final Countdown: Island Peak Base Camp

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The valley is stunning this morning and studded with grazing Yaks. Two huge birds of prey circle over-head, searching out Himalayan Pika, a cheeky, but cute rodent that will often scrounge scraps off trekkers. The south face of Nupste is immense, dwarfing everything in its presence, including our team.

"This terrain looks like something off Star trek," someone jokes. He's right, but this is way more beautiful! 400-this-way.jpg

We are two days from the summit of Island Peak and on our way to base camp. As you can probably tell our March to the Top expedition is on time, in good form and ready for the top! It's nearly show time folks, so here are the Canadian Forces vets thoughts, in their own words...

Matt Nilson - "Eager and looking forward to taking the hill!"

Frank Dupere - "Calm and hoping everything goes well."

Peter Burcew - "Final countdown! In three days, I'm going to wave; David vs. Goliath... I'm obviously David!"

David MacDonald - "Been a long road to this point, with bumps and joys along the way. Hard to believe it's almost here, but I'm ready. Let's climb this god damn mountain!"

Roseanna Mandy - "I have been casting my eyes upon this challenge for many days now. I feel ready and am looking forward to reaching my objective. Advance!"

Michelle Quinton-Hickey - "Through sickness, lost sleep and increased physical challenge and pain, I am looking forward to this final challenge. We're prepared and we've increased our confidence with Everest base camp and Kala Pattar. Let's move forward and get this done!"

Brian Hyland - "Looking forward to seeing who's at the top!"

Carl Keenan - "Fighting sickness and fatigue. Constant stress about how my body will perform, but I've got this!"

Craig Tourangeau - "Very excited to finally get here. Two days until summit. Nice to finally be this close to the prize. Been part of this since April. Let's go to the top!"

Neal Carman - "Looking forward to the challenge and standing close to the heavens."

Chris Drewes - "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast!"

Corey Hatt - "And on we march! Each day closer to the objective. Together as one, we rise above the clouds. Together we will all stand on Island Peak, strong and proud!"


And when you guys and gals do that, Corey, you'll be standing shoulder to shoulder with every military veteran in Canada, your friends who never returned and fellow soldiers still serving overseas who will be with you all in spirit!


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