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Summiting Island Peak, in their own words...

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The March to the Top team shares the significance of finally summiting Island Peak and how it felt climbing a Himalayan mountain 6,189 metres high.

Neal Carman.jpg

Neal Carman - "Tired and sore, but proud of the team and personal efforts."

Corey Hatt.jpg

Corey Hatt - "Yesterday I summited Island Peak with my teammates. The adversity of overcoming the head wall and making it to the top can simply only be explained by the following: God's grace, sheer stubbornness and the camaraderie of my teammates pushing ahead above me and those coming up behind me."

Carl Keenan.jpg

Carl Keenan - "I am sick, tired and questioning my body. Even before we started, I had to remind myself of my reasons for being here. Short of breath and rocks slipped out from under my feet. My body was telling me to quit. Then halfway up the head wall, I looked up and say Corey in pain. I looked down and saw my team mates coming up behind me, and I took 5 or 6 breaths, shut off my mind and high-fived Corey at the top!"

Chris Drewes.jpg

Christopher Drewes - "Three steps, puke, dry heave, repeat!"

Craig Tourangeau.jpg

Craig Tourangeau - "Yesterday we summited Island Peak, 6,189 metres. I can honestly say it was the hardest single endeavour that I have ever attempted and completed. I am very proud of my teammates!"

David Macdonald.jpg

David Macdonald - "I can't begin to describe how difficult the summit was both in body, mind and soul. Despite all my military experiences I was tested beyond even what I thought were my limits. I am proud of my team and myself. Never submit to what you think are your limits. Push past them!"

Peter Burcew.jpg

Peter Burcew - "The odds were low for David. Goliath was just so huge...but there was more than one David. We were all small David's! (The teammates). All of us together were just so much stronger than Goliath!"

Franck Dupere.jpg

Franck Dupere - "We have summited Island Peak. It was hard, but it made me think how hard Everest must be. I've have been bitten. It is my first climb, but not the last. This climb made me realise how hard the Sherpa's work! Without them, nothing would have been possible."

Matt Nilson.jpg

Mathew Nilson - "I'm tired and can't feel my body. Great view. Popeye found his spinach and spiced rum! Let's do it again. It was amazing."

Brian Hyland.jpg

Brian Hyland - "It was cool!" Roseanna Mandy.jpg

Roseanna Mandy - "It has been an honour and privilege to be part of the soldier's team. I am thrilled that our team was able to achieve our objective. On a personal note, I have come to realize that success comes in many different forms and is not always as you would expect!"

Ray Joseph (soldier team captain) - This expedition, as the soldier team captain, has been both an honour and a privilege. The team has taken this 'no fail' task and put their hearts and souls into it. The combined efforts of the team enabled all objectives to be achieved. I am proud to say the goal of raising money and awareness has been met.

Dr. Markus Beseman (team physician) - "There is something about being here that has moved me to tears on many occasions. The collective efforts of this amazing team have inspired and energised me to a level that I thought no longer possible. Although we all long for the comforts of home, I think that the hardships that we have collectively endured during this remarkable adventure will re-awaken a zest for life that often gets lost in the frenzied pace of North American life. Thanks to all for a remarkable experience. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve you."


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