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A Soldier's Perspective: Franck Dupere

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Peter Burcew and I joined Psychological Operations together and he's one of my best friends. I didn't know that he was on the March to the Top expedition until he called me. It was awesome. Peter and I have an agreement that we will be each other's pall bearer in the event that either of us dies, because we're like brothers in arms. I can't believe that we're going to stand together on Island Peak.


When I was in Afghanistan, I was hit by a suicide bomber and I was conscious through the whole thing. I had no fear. I knew how serious it was. I have always lived to never regret, so when I was dying, at a certain point I had a small smile on my face. I was like... I had a good life! No regrets. I'll show you pictures.

Frank shows various graphic pictures of him injured, including the smashed head and leg of the suicide bomber who tried to kill him.

When I saw the leg, I thought it was mine and patted myself down to check. My jugular was cut and my jaw was broken in twelve places. All the doctors said, "You know that you should be dead!"


I love it here in Nepal. Only half of my diaphragm works and my lungs are full of shrapnel, but I'm doing great. I am just enjoying each day for what it is. I'm a bit of a wild horse, but life always brings me good people and opportunities and I never know what will come next.

I have experienced so much pain in my life that pain management on Island Peak is not going to be a problem. When I get to the top I'm going to say, "OK, it's done!"

I am sure that Peter will keep an eye on this 'wild horse' on our climb up Island Peak. After all, they're a team!


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