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A Soldier's Perspective: Chris Drewes

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I'm not really a 'rock' person. I'm here solely to promote the True Patriot Love foundation, although it's pretty good being with the team, as we all have a lot of things in common and we all get along great.

I am absolutely looking forward to climbing Island Peak though. It's why I'm here. I think that summiting will be the best part of the trip by far. A lot of the team have been enjoying the villages, but I just want to get to the top.


While in Afghanistan, there was an I.E.D (improvised explosive device) that had been planted as an ambush for another call sign that exploded. I hit the ground and then realized I couldn't lift my right arm above my shoulder. My fire-team partner (Pte Tyler Todd) actually received the full brunt of the I.E.D because it was between us. He was gone, instantly. One of the guys behind me then said, "Hey, you're hit!"

I couldn't see that there was a gaping hole in my arm that you could fit three fingers in. When they choppered me out, they had actually both me and Tyler in the helicopter together. He was right beside me and I just tried to look out of the window. I just kept thinking, "What the..."

I have a pound of muscle missing from my right arm now, but I am still a Reservist because I loved my time in the military. It was the best thing I've ever done. You have the opportunity to do things that no one else can do.

Like I said, I'm not a mountaineer, but I am dead set on the goal of publicizing the True Patriot Love foundation to the Canadian public. I really hope that the March to the Top documentary will create a good image of all returning CF vets.


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