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What do you think the results of Tuesday night's election mean for the future of Manitoba?

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Last Updated Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Comments (33)

Craig Simpson


Doer and the NDP have shown that they are sincere about helping Manitoba grow and to improve the quality of life for all Manitobans.

McFadyen was incompetent as a campaigner and God help us if he ever becomes Premier. Manitobans will remember the slash and gut Tories under Filmon for a long long time.

Manitoba will continue to grow and prosper under the NDP. Our economy is strong and there is a future for our young people!

The knives are out in the Tory's back room.

Posted May 27, 2007 04:37 PM

Ryan Miller


Unfortunately there was no real push to help the struggling masses and instead we were fed lines about bringing back the Jets and an insane belief from all parties that hiring more police officers and opening new jails will curtail crime without needing to address any of the underlaying social issues.

If attacking poverty and social issues won't get you elected in Manitoba, there is really not much to say about both our politicians or our citizens. For a province with SO MUCH potential, it is really painful to see all the parties, and most voters, so complacent to watch this weak and half hearted attempt to move forward and tackle the pressing issues this province faces.

Posted May 26, 2007 12:04 PM



Hey Kenny re: your idea about maybe someone will take proportional representation seriously. I think you may not fully understand what is meant by "proportional representation".

You ask some intriguing questions. Like "What happens to a candidate who is independent of the mainstream parties?"

I don't get your point? What happens to that same candidate today?

You want fairness? Again, how does today's system promote fairness? Very few elected officials vote against the party line.

Your comments concerning the green party and other candidates working harder make no sense.

When you can make the questions and your argument make sense, maybe someone will take you seriously.

Posted May 25, 2007 08:25 PM



Kenny P. I guess that depends on how far you want to disect/diminish the definition of what democracy means. Lord knows this hair has been split a thousand times already however let's look at the spectrums. To start - Let's assume that we all live in one country and respect that confederation. On one end of the spectrum (mine) 51% would mean a majority. Should there be a referendum (gov't will never share true power with us so let's just pretend) then the issue would be settled. On the other end (yours) the confederation votes would be fractured regionally therefore democracy has been fractured. To further that scenario - one city (Wpg) may be entirely the minority side of the "already decided" issue however they prevail regionally. So national unity is really nothing more than a facade. To go even further - lets say a particular neighbourhood is with the independaent (who also lost to the majority) however they prevail in their neighbourhood. Now we have the beginnings of anarchy. Let's go further - why not just allow every voter to prevail to their choosing - you know, give them the powers of the special interest groups and other minorities. Now we have a truly great country - everybody wins. Well - as Canada is well on it's way to proving - everybody actually loses. The Charter will further ensure that. In summary - referendums equal democracy. Elections should not escape that most fundamental principle.

Posted May 25, 2007 08:03 PM


I moved to the USA to be with my American wife in 2002. After I graduate as a Mathematics teacher, I am seriously considering moving back to Winnipeg. My wife would have to immigrate to Manitoba, which should not be a problem.

I watched the election results on the web - I am happy that Premier Doer won a third majority govenment. Gary Doer is a good man and it shows in the way he deals with people.

Manitoba does better with a NDP government. The Conservatives, with Gary Filmon, devastated the province and is one of the main reasons why I left.

Posted May 25, 2007 06:18 PM



The election results were expected especially when Prime Minister Stephen Harper helped kick off the NDP Election Campaign with the announcement of funding for the Canadian Human Rights Museum. The lavish praise Harper gave to Gary Doer as the driving force for "keeping the dream alive" for the Human Rights Museum certainly was broadcast widely. Ditto for the "cheerleading comments" of Conservative MP Joy Smith. I wonder if Conservative Party supporters will remember this when Federal Conservative M.P.'s like Vic Toews, Joy Smith and Rod Bruinooge campaign to get re-elected in the near future as Harper goes for his majority government.

One wonders if the federal Conservatives were hoping for an NDP victory to increase their electoral hopes as in past elections Manitobans have been wary of electing both a Conservative federal and provincial government. Given the results of the election looks like it may take another two elections (8 years ?) for the provincial Conservatives to mount a serious challenge to the NDP.

Posted May 25, 2007 11:54 AM

Kenny P


Hey Todd re: your idea about proportional representation. What happens to a candidate who is independent of the mainstream parties?

Yes he can let his/her name stand but even if he/she wins the riding there is little chance that his/her total vote count will be enough percentage-wise to qualify for a seat. How is that fair?

And what about those voters who are voting for the candidate and not the party, should there be some way of indicating that on the ballot? Or let's say the Green Party gets five seats according to the percentage formula, and let's say there were 20 candidates who really worked their butts off to get in. How would it be fair that only five get to sit in the Legislature?

And who is going to champion the concerns that are unique to certain constituencies, if there is no guarantee that anyone at all familiar with those concerns is going to sit as a government official?(from any of the parties).

When you can figure out the answers to all of those questions, maybe someone will take proportional representation seriously.

Posted May 24, 2007 10:40 PM



All this talk about young people leaving Manitoba because of the NDP. Hugh kept reporting 35,000, leaving for greener pastures, higher wages, better opportunities? Perhaps if all this exodus is the NDP's fault, could it be solved by Premier Doer legislating minimum wage to be raised to say-$55,000/yr, or would that be anti-business as so often claimed by the Tories?

I think we are doing much better since booting the conservatives out in '99. I am still paying for my eye exams, can't afford prescription drugs since they changed the pharmacare program, still wondering where all the gas taxes that were collected by them went in the 90s, it wasn't into road construction. A Hugh was going to be the saviour of healthcare-what was he bringing back for another consult, Connie Curran the American way of treating all of our ills, yeah right.

I don't know when this province will decide to try a test drive with a different party, but I hope we have adopted the Alberta way, stay with who you know.

Posted May 24, 2007 09:41 PM


Great, I watched the results come in and was very pleased. If only Albertans would wise up and vote for a party that has the policies they want, the NDP, then we will have a better, more equal Alberta. All polls say that Health care, enviroment, education are their priorities yet the PCs keep getting elected. The PCs are simply P_ssing away the oil and gas windfall again.

Posted May 24, 2007 08:38 PM



Kristine I hope you can see the glaring irony in your remarks. You left. You left because of "a lack of opportunity". Not unlike thousands of other Manitobans. I think it's rather poor judgement on your part to gloat about voting for the NDP just prior to fleeing (in case you're oblivious to the ironic reference).

Posted May 24, 2007 05:39 PM


I voted before I left for Alberta in the hopes that my voice will make a difference - and it did. I help prevent the Conservatives from being elected in my riding.

The Province of Manitoba needs the pragmatic and solid leadership that the NDP and Gary Doer can provide - even though my political viewpoints can usually be touted as "small-c" conservative.

However, Gary Doer needs to build on the momentum of the new biotech industry and other high-tech companies trying so desperately to "make it in Manitoba". I had to leave because of the lack of opportunities in my field (telecomm engineer) and I am now living in Alberta.

Oh, and things aren't as wildly expensive as everyone makes them out to be - funny that I found a few (!) bachelor apartments for around 600/month ... Manitoba is much more expensive when you can't find employment in your chosen field!

Posted May 24, 2007 02:04 PM

Darren Moffatt


Excuse me we don't NEED NHL Hockey or a new Football stadium? I guess we don't NEED it, but if we had those, it would bring so many intangibles to the city that makes the city better.

Ex: A sense of city pride, Winnipeg seen as a major league city once again etc.

Posted May 24, 2007 12:47 PM



I'm glad the NDP won a 3rd term, the last thing we need is another NHL team, or a new football stadium for that matter. Since the NDP has been in power, I went from a student living on $700 a month to an IT professional and buying my first house that has a lower mortgage payment than my last apartment's rent. I don't agree with the young people and their age old complaint of the lack of high-paying technical jobs here. I have friends in IT, engineering and various trades who've rarely had a problem finding work here. Those that did move to Alberta only ending up moving back home after a year or two, or made enough money to buy a really nice vehicle to live in. I also have friends in Ontario who work in Ottawa or Toronto but have to live 100km out of the city just to afford a home. I am proud to live in Manitoba and equally proud of the job the NDP has done to improve the quality of life for all of us, even if it means I pay more tax than my friends in AB or ON.

Posted May 24, 2007 11:04 AM



I think Doer and the NDP were the least of the evils, which is why I voted for them. So I'm happy... I guess.

And for the record, I'm a young person and I plan on staying. From what I hear the job market is good and people in my field of study are very much in demand in Manitoba. Plus housing is much cheaper here than in some other places (Alberta), and since a house is probably going to be the biggest expense of my life and Winnipeg isn't a bad city to live in (well, except for the weather but I don't think the NDP can change that), I see no reason to leave.

Posted May 23, 2007 11:03 PM

North of 53

I really do not know where to begin but first, as Kevin said.... “Leaders’ campaign based on the system we have.... if we adopted proportional representation as you suggest then Doer would have campaigned in Steinbach and McFadyen would have campaigned in Thompson... your comments are irrelevant.”

I wish I had the time to look up all the policies that were created during the Conservative reign in Manitoba! After living in the Northern part of Manitoba for over 50 years and saw everything taken away or should I say nothing given to the North for all those years. Premier Gary Doer is a very smart, caring man and we are all Manitobans despite many that do not know anything about the North that live in Winnipeg. I believe that the Crocus inquiry will dig up more dirt for the Conservatives than for the NDP. There just isn’t enough time to inform you of what will be done in the next 4 years or so. The NDP has provided so many things that were needed in the North without leaving out Winnipeg and their wants. You may mention the roads but what if you lived where there were no roads or a gallon of milk was over $10.00? As for leaving Manitoba for jobs---why? I have seen at least 5 young people leave in the last 6 months for high paying jobs in Alberta only to have to return as they cannot afford the high cost of living and renting a place to live. The carpenters cannot even find a place to live while they build. They live in trailers during the summer but we know how long summers are in the West, right? Like I said I cannot find the time nor do I think I need to as you will see all the good that happens with Premier Gary Doer and his team for the betterment of all of us!

Posted May 23, 2007 10:45 PM


The ones who complain so much about the NDP should see the low turn outs at the election polls like Brandon for example of population of 45000 people the total of voters were 16527 who voted. A difference of 28473 who did not vote. If we did the same thing.

What do you think would happen to this beautiful province of ours?

Posted May 23, 2007 08:30 PM



I'm assuming Manitoba will continue to be percieved, and for good reason, as having one of the most stable governments in Canada.

Obviously enough voters in a majority of ridings agree.

A third majority election victory can pretty much be seen as payback for having done a good job.

Posted May 23, 2007 07:23 PM

jaret sampson


The election once again was a joke in democracy. 328.000 people did not vote and I am one of them. Why. All three parties were preaching the same centre right platforms. I am a centre left voter. The only losers in this election were the people like me who had no choices. I can easily understand why the people of Kirfield Park, Southdale,Riel, Seine River, St Norbert, Radission, laverendrye, and a few other so called Tory strongholds voted for Doer. It is easy Doer is a Conservative. Although moderate, good enough for the consevative voters of these ridings to vote for him. But not good enough for a centre left voter as myself. Do not pat yourself on the back to much Doer. The main thing that will be part of your legacy is how you convinced Tory voters you are one of them.

Posted May 23, 2007 07:22 PM


you keep saying you are moving to a defrennt province with high paying jobs and yet you do not see the picture here.

I went to visit someone in Calgary and I went to Toronto and the prices for everything in those citys are so high and I ask someone what was the price of rent and he told me it was not les than $1000.oo a month for a bachler apartment and I was glad to be back home in Manitoba. You say they are high paying jobs in those provinces and you sure pay high to live there and the landlords can up your rent anytime they want.

Posted May 23, 2007 06:38 PM

Normand LaBine

I'm glad my MLA won his seat. He's good for the riding. If Premier Doer delivers on his post-win comment that he'll work for ALL Manitobans, then his party will lay the ground for another victory in the next election. We should expect that since the NDP won again, at least there won't be any inefficiencies to get the shirt-sleeves rolled up and good legislation rolled out quickly.

However, if he plans to adopt the California Emissions Standards in Manitoba, he needs to ensure that corruption, conflict of interest, and higher product costs to make goods acceptable to Manitoba don't spin us into a downward spiral economically. The science and product opportunities to make us greener should keep more young grads here too. I'll be watching like a burr on a saddle.

Posted May 23, 2007 06:37 PM



You have to look hard in the papers here to find anything on Manitoba. Obviously, Doer has done well on a limited agenda. And he has steered well clear of political scandals that bring governments down. That seems to be what Manitobans want as it was with Roblin, Schreyer and Filmon.

Posted May 23, 2007 05:42 PM

Kenny P


To "Young and leaving". Good luck with wherever you're going. If you're heading to Vancouver, you should be able to get a job, but if you live downtown it'll cost you around $1500.00/month for an apartment. If you live ouside the city proper, be prepared for a 2 hour car ride each way. Oh yeah everything from groceries to clothes to sporting goods will cost you about 50% more than here in Manitoba.
If you're heading to Calgary, you'll should be able to get a job. My daughter tried last year. Accomodation is scarce and expensive. She shared a 3 bedroom unit. There was eleven of them. And don't even think about insuring a vehicle. That'll be another $2500.00 hit. Oh yeah there's no PST there but the prices are double on most things. My nephew also went to Calgary last fall. He was told as a roofer there was all kinds of work. No one told him he'd be forced to live out of his car.

You could try east to Toronto, the center of the universe, no NDP government there. Wages are decent,but you'll be barely able to survive with what it's going to cost you to live and don't even think about ever owning your own house. Ain't going to happen.

So have a good time. We'll be thinking of you as we sit on the deck at the cottage having a cold beer.

Posted May 23, 2007 05:22 PM



I am disappointed myself seeing the NDP with a majority. Disappointed but not surprised. This proves that the less you do the less you can be blamed for, the more likely you are to succeed. I'm not saying that the NDP didn't do anything, but they could have done more.

I can only hope that they put as much effort into completing their goals as they did in setting them.

Posted May 23, 2007 05:22 PM

Darren Moffatt


NDP needs to finish what they were starting, and bring back NHL Hockey to Winnipeg. PC's couldn't have done it, Doer needs to keep persuing the issue.

Posted May 23, 2007 04:55 PM



I'm happy to see that Manitobans gave Gary Doer and the NDP a strong third mandate. Doer, his caucus and party are committed people who have the right priorities for Manitoba. I hope that with this mandate they will tackle some of the hard issues, like poverty on reserves and in the inner city, that continue to plague Manitoba. Way to go Gary and the NDP!

Posted May 23, 2007 03:20 PM



To Ray.... leaders campaign based on the system we have.... if we adopted proportional representation as you suggest then Doer would have campaigned in Steinbach and McFadyen would have campaigned in Thompson... your comments are irrelevant.

Posted May 23, 2007 03:20 PM

J. William Hogan


North of 53: will Doer and the NDP now fix Crocus, health, justice, the infrastructure, and all the other ills Doer inherited EIGHT years ago?

Twelve years should be just about right eh?

Posted May 23, 2007 02:58 PM

Young and leaving


Well as a young person in Manitoba Ive decided to leave the province after the election results. I fear that there will be no Future for me here during the next few years. The NDP have not done anything and it seems that things have gotten worse. I especially don't understand why people in this province would vote for a Party that tried to cover up the Crocus issue, and they refused to call a public inquiry ??? whats with that. Well it looks like Manitoba will be closed for business over the next few years.

Posted May 23, 2007 12:15 PM


I moved away from Manitoba two years ago, and I would love to come back after I finish my degree. However, no party even attempted to address the problem with a lack of high paying jobs in specialized industries. Despite the fact I could easily find a job in my field of study in Alberta or Ontario, no such jobs exist in Manitoba. The parties can make health care their number one priority, but without us young people with good jobs to pay for it, the system will eventually fail.

Posted May 23, 2007 04:32 AM



When will our politicians make proportional representation an issue? How is it fair otherwise? Imagine if we had this logical counting system now and somebody suggested we change it to the current system? There is no logical basis for it and the proponents would be ridiculed out the door. When has 1+1 ever equaled 3 anyway? My vote should count as 1 and not .23 of 1 if I'm in a populated area. This must become an issue now or else will just continue to pretend that the population rules by democracy.

Posted May 23, 2007 12:32 AM

North of 53

All I can say is that I said "THINK" after the debate :-) and your comment was just "sour grapes>" face it the public wanted Premier Gary Doer and the NDP!!!!
Hey, it is over now! The NDP Government will go forward and fix what they said they would!

Posted May 23, 2007 12:27 AM

Ray Lok

I am a strong supporter of our democratic system, but I am still disappointed by the flaws in the system. The big one being that a party can win a sizeable majority government, and yet not secure more than 50% of the popular vote. Again this was the case with the NDP party who won more than 60% of the seats, yet had only 48% of the popular vote.

This happens largely because of the idiosyncracies in the electoral riding system. I am much in favour of the proportional representation system where if you win 48% of the popular, you get 48% of the seats. So if we translated the popular vote into seats, the NDP would have only received 28 seats (1 shy of a majority), the Conservatives would have received 22 seats, the Liberals would gain the most with 7 seats, and there would be 1 seat left for the Green Party. We would have a minority gov't in this situation, and the NDP would be held more to account.

Posted May 22, 2007 11:41 PM



Nothing with the NDP.

Posted May 22, 2007 10:30 PM

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