Riding Profiles

Candidate Party Vote Count Vote Share Elected
Kerri Irvin-Ross NDP 4,291 52.60% X
Shaun McCaffrey PC 2,101 25.75%
Craig Hildahl LIB 1,500 18.39%
Alon Weinberg GRN 266 3.26%
Updated: Nov. 30, 2007 10:50 CST 45 of 45 polls reporting

Fort Garry

Current MLA:

Kerri Irvin-Ross (NDP)

Irvin-Ross is the minister responsible for healthy living, the minister responsible for seniors, and the minister responsible for Healthy Child Manitoba.


LIBLIB: Craig Hildahl
NDPNDP: Kerri Irvin-Ross
PCPC: Shaun McCaffrey
GREGRE: Alon Weinberg

Riding Profile:

This riding has existed since the 1958 election. The past two general elections in Fort Garry have been won by less than 100 votes. The riding is in the southern part of Winnipeg. It runs from the CNR Main Line/Jubilee in the north to Sifton/Chancellor in the south, with the Red River as its eastern border. The western boundary is Waverley Street. The riding consists of mostly middle-class residential areas, with some small businesses.

The population in 2001 was 20,475. The average family income was $61,074, with an unemployment rate of 5.3 per cent. The major industry was health and social services (13.2%) followed by retail (11.9%).

Riding Map:
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Riding History:

2003 turnout: 63.49%

2003 NDP Kerri Irvin-Ross defeated PC Joy Smith by 87 votes.
1999 PC Smith defeated NDP Lawrie Cherniak by 30 votes.
1995 PC Rosemary Vodrey defeated LIB Jim Woodman by 1,525 votes.
1990 PC Vodrey defeated LIB Evans by 1,113 votes.
1988 LIB Laurie Evans defeated PC Charlie Birt by 882 votes.
1986 PC Birt defeated NDP Nora Losey by 1,988 votes.
1984 In a byelection, PC Birt defeated LIB Sharon Carstairs by 1,568 votes.
1969 PC Bud Sherman defeated NDP Grant Crosby by 1,507 votes. He was re-elected in 1973, 1977 and 1981. He resigned in 1984 to run federally.

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Overall Election Results
Party Elected Leading Total Vote Share
NDP 36 0 36 48%
PC 19 0 19 37.89%
LIB 2 0 2 12.39%
GRN 0 0 0 1.34%
OTH 0 0 0 0.38%
  • Updated: Nov 30, 2007, 10:50 CST

Riding Profiles

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