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New Brunswick Votes 2003


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Riding Profiles
Candidate Party Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Eric Robinson New Democrats 2169 86.45% X
Orville Woodford Liberal 153 7.21%
Cory Phillips Prog. Conservative 146 6.33%
 Last Update Mon Jun 16 11:41:47 EDT 2003 43 of 43 polls reporting


Current MLA: Eric Robinson (NDP)


Liberal: Orville Woodford
NDP: Eric Robinson
PC: Cory Phillips

Riding Profile:

This riding has existed since 1920, and has been NDP since 1969. The riding takes in most of the eastern part of Manitoba. The northern border is the Manitoba/Northwest Territories border. The Hudson Bay and the Manitoba/Ontario border form the eastern boundary. Lake Winnipeg forms part of the western boundary (in the south of the riding).

The population in 1996 was 15,843. In 1999, there was only a one per cent immigrant population. The Aboriginal population (87%) was the highest in the province. Over half of the population listed Cree as their mother tongue in 1996.

In 1999, over 34 per cent had less than a Grade 9 education (the highest in the province). The average family income of $33,787 was the fourth lowest in Manitoba -- the provincial average is $50,236. The unemployment rate was 25 per cent.

In 1999, the major industries in this riding were government services (21%) followed by educational services (17%).

Political History:

  • 1973, 1977: ND Harvey Bostrum won in 1973 and 1977.
    1981, 1986: ND Elijah Harper won in 1981 and 1986.

  • 1988: ND Harper defeated PC Joe Guy Wood by 787 votes.

  • 1990: ND Harper defeated PC Hugh Wynne by 2,994 votes. Became an IND in 1972 and resigned in 1992.

  • 1993: In a by-election, ND Eric Robinson defeated LIB George Munroe by 674 votes.

  • 1995: ND Robinson defeated LIB Harry Wood by 123 votes.

  • 1999: ND Eric Robinson defeated LIB Darcy Wood by 1,299 votes.

    Eric Robinson is the Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism, and the Minister Responsible for Sport.

    1999 Turnout: 38.72%



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