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New Brunswick Votes 2003


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Riding Profiles
Candidate Party Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Stan Struthers New Democrats 4598 54.24% X
Bill Griffin Prog. Conservative 2981 35.17%
Joelle Robinson Liberal 682 8.05%
Larry Powell Green Party of MB 216 2.55%
 Last Update Mon Jun 16 11:41:47 EDT 2003 54 of 54 polls reporting


Current MLA: Stan Struthers (NDP)


Liberal: Joelle Robinson
NDP: Stan Struthers
PC: Bill Griffin
Green Party: Larry Powell

Riding Profiles:

The Dauphin riding first existed in 1883, although there was no Dauphin riding in 1886 or 1888. It was re-established in 1892. The riding is located in the Parklands region in southwest Manitoba, which runs west to the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border. It includes all of Dauphin and Roblin as well as Gilbert Plains, Grandview and the Valley River Reserve.

The population in 1996 was 20,041. The average family income in 1999 was $42,166 with an unemployment rate of seven per cent.

The Dauphin riding has a consistently high voter turnout -- the highest for all rural ridings. There is a large Ukrainian population -- 21 per cent cited Ukrainian as their ethnic origin in 1999. The riding also had a 10 per cent Aboriginal population in 1999. Dauphin-Roblin also has the highest percentage of seniors, over the age of 65, in Manitoba (23%).

Agriculture is the main industry in this riding (22%) followed by health and social services (14%) in 1999.

Political History:

  • 1969: ND Peter Burtniak defeated PC incumbent Stewart McLean (elected in 1958, 1959, 1962, 1966) by 41 votes after a recount.

  • 1973: ND Burtniak defeated PC Art Rampton by 999 votes.

  • 1977: PC Jim Galbraith defeated ND Burtniak by 260 votes.

  • 1981: ND John Plohman defeated PC Galbraith by 636 votes.

  • 1986: ND Plohman defeated PC Erv Tycholis by 1,765 votes. LIB Peter Rampton was third.

  • 1988: ND Plohman defeated PC Russell Secord by 548 votes. LIB Peter Rampton was again third.

  • 1990: ND Plohman defeated PC Martin Bidzinski by 1,378 votes. LIB Peter Rampton was third again.

  • 1995: ND Stam Struthers defeated PC Gord Ryz by 793 votes.

  • 1999: ND Stan Struthers defeated PC Lorne Boguski by 1,595 votes.

    1999 Turnout: 72.54%



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