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New Brunswick Votes 2003


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Riding Profiles
Candidate Party Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Scott Smith New Democrats 5191 61.02% X
Reg Atkinson Prog. Conservative 2971 34.92%
Candace Sigurdson Liberal 345 4.06%
 Last Update Mon Jun 16 11:41:17 EDT 2003 49 of 49 polls reporting


Current MLA: Scott Smith (NDP)


NDP: Scott Smith
PC: Reg Atkinson
Liberal: Candace Sigurdson

Riding Profile:

The riding first existed in the 1969 election and has been predominantely PC since then. This riding in southwest Manitoba takes in the western part of the city of Brandon -- the area west of 1st St N/Ross Ave/Knowlton Dr/Assiniboine River/18th St. Brandon Airport is in the riding. Brandon itself is the second largest city in Manitoba, with a population of approximately 40,000. It lies on Assiniboine River approximately 225 km west of Winnipeg. The city serves as an industrial and marketing centre in the heart of rich farmland.

In 1999, the dominant industry was service (16%) followed by health and social services (15%). The population was 19,808 in 1996.

The average family income in 1999 was $56,860 with an unemployment rate 6.30 per cent.

Political History:

  • 1969: PC Edward McGill defeated ND James Skinner by 504 votes.

  • 1973 and 1977: PC McGill defeated ND Henry Carroll.

  • 1981: ND Henry Carroll defeated PC John Allen by 435 votes.

  • 1986: PC Jim McCrae defeated ND Arnold Grambo by 1,409 votes.

  • 1988: PC McCrae defeated LIB John Worley by 1,421 votes.

  • 1990: PC McCrae defeated ND Shari Decter-Hirst by 2,362 votes.

  • 1995: PC McCrae defeated ND Derry Decter by 1,681 votes.

  • 1999: ND Scott Smith defeated PC McCrae by 352 votes.

    Scott Smith is the Minister of Transportation and Government Services and the Minister Responsible for Lotteries and Emergency Measures.

    1999 Turnout: 73.13%



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