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New Brunswick Votes 2003


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Riding Profiles
Candidate Party Vote Count Pop. Vote X
Jim Rondeau New Democrats 5133 63.04% X
Dennis Wishanski Prog. Conservative 2253 27.67%
Monique Graboski Liberal 655 8.04%
Jesse Tottle Green Party of MB 102 1.25%
 Last Update Mon Jun 16 11:41:17 EDT 2003 45 of 45 polls reporting


Current MLA: Jim Rondeau (NDP)


Liberal: Monique Graboski
NDP: Jim Rondeau
PC: Dennis Wishanski
Green Party: Jesse Tottle

Riding Profile:

The riding has existed since the 1903 election. The riding takes in the northwestern corner of Winnipeg. The city limits of Winnipeg form the west, north and part of eastern boundaries of the riding; south of Saskatchewan Ave, eastern boundary is Moray. Southern boundary is Ness Avenue/Vimy/Portage. This is a mostly middle-class riding.

In 1999, the major industry was retail trade (15%).

The population was 20,441 in 1996. The average family income in 1999 was $53,881 with an unemployment rate of 6.50 per cent.

Political History:

  • 1969: LIB Steve Patrick, who was elected in 1962 and 1966, defeated PC Bill Docking, by 26 votes. Patrick was again re-elected in 1973, with plurality of 796 votes.

  • 1977: PC Norma Price defeated LIB Patrick by 3,592 votes.

  • 1981: PC Ric Nordman defeated ND Max Melnyk by 1,184 votes.

  • 1986: PC Nordman again defeated ND Melnyk, this time by 1,618 votes.

  • 1988: LIB Ed Mandrake defeated PC Nordman by 187 votes.

  • 1990: PC Linda McIntosh defeated LIB Mandrake by 1,324 votes.

  • 1995: PC McIntosh defeated LIB Green by 2,130 votes.

  • 1999: ND Jim Rondeau defeated McIntosh by a mere three votes.

    1999 Turnout: 72.44%


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