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Markus Buchart,
leader of the Green Party

An economist and lawyer, Markus Buchart has worked for the provincial government under the Conservative and NDP adminstrations on tax policy and federal-provincial relations and environmental issues.

Unable to reconcile the provincial government’s environmental policy with his conscience, he resigned from the civil service in 1992.

Buchart has been active in environmental, social justice and peace groups since 1988, and has practised law independently in Winnipeg since 1996, specializing in environmental and corporate law.

He worked as a writer, researcher and editor for the environmental quarterly Links Magazine from 1989 until 1998, when the Green Party was founded and he became the party's leader.

Buchart has lived in Wolseley for 13 years.


Quick facts: Markus Buchart

Born: In Winnipeg 41 years ago
Education: BA in Economics from the University of Manitoba , MA in Economics from McGill University, Law degree from the University of Manitoba
Family: one daughter
Life before politics: Economist for the provincial finance department between 1986 and 1991, transferred to environment department, then resigned in 1992. Lawyer in private practice since 1996.
Politics: Leader of the Green Party since its founding in 1998



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