Weather Journal for May 3rd

Current Conditions

The wind is sure making a difference today. We’ll only be a couple of notches cooler than yesterday but the gusts to 50km/h out of the northwest shave a few more degrees off the “feels like” number. Sunshine is with us through today and most of tomorrow… Thursday as well. That’s when the temperature starts to climb. Expect a warm day at 29 on Thursday with breezy conditions. Friday is cooler at 20 along with a northerly wind that blows around everything that isn’t tied down. We’ll see gusts to 70km/h in the afternoon. There is also a chance for some showers late afternoon and evening. Saturday is back to sunny and seasonal conditions. 

Wind Forecast for Winnipeg

Tuesday: NW @ 40/50 in the afternoon. 

Wednesday: Light Wind in the morning. S @ 20 in the afternoon.

Thursday: W @ 30/40 in the morning. NW @ 25/30 Wind in the afternoon.

Friday: NW @ 40/60 in the morning. N @ 50/70 in the afternoon.