Weather Journal for July 22nd

Current Conditions

Friday night’s overnight storms have potential to be severe status so hopefully the back yard was secured Friday evening. 

Saturday isn’t a wash-out but we’ll most likely see a few scattered showers in the afternoon. Expect a few sunny breaks but it’ll be cooler at 23 degrees. 

Sunday is the better day to plan something outside with stable and pleasant conditions and a sunny high of 24 degrees. 

Heading into next week, we have some sunshine on Monday with a high in the upper 20s but the afternoon clouds over and there’s a strong chance for storms again on Monday night. Tuesday clears but will be a little windy. 

Wind Forecast for Winnipeg

Saturday: W @ 10 in the morning. NW @ 15/20 in the afternoon.

Sunday: N @ 10/15 in the morning. S @ 150 in the afternoon.

Monday: S @  30/40 in the morning.   W @ 20/25 in the afternoon.