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Emma Thompson, Vivienne Westwood, Joel Plaskett march in climate change protests
Canadian musicians Joel Plaskett and Raffi, and actors such as Emma Thompson are throwing their support behind climate change marches around the world.
Sinead O'Connor confirmed safe after disturbing message on Facebook
Sinead O'Connor has been found safe after an emotional rant claiming she had taken an overdose was posted on her Facebook account.
Final 'Hunger Games' installment knocks out 'Good Dinosaur,' 'Creed' at box office
Despite some mighty competition, Katniss and her crew have dominated the box office once again.
Bryan Cranston says new film Trumbo delves into Hollywood's dark past video
Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston says his latest role as blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo in the film Trumbo poses the same questions we might ask ourselves at a thought-provoking dinner party.
A Charlie Brown Christmas turns 50, but creators thought it would be a 'one-shot thing' video
The now iconic score for the classic TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas was just another session in the life of a young jazz musician, according to the Canadian man who is the only surviving member of the group that made the music.
Steve Martin generated "a lot of attention" for Lawren Harris sales: Heffel video
Comic legend Steve Martin's passionate evangelism of Lawren Harris seems to have boosted interest in the Canadian painter, the president of Heffel Fine Art Auction House said after a blockbuster sale earlier this week.
Video Adele talks 25: Watch q host Shad's full interview with the hit singer
Adele is making waves, breaking records and earning kudos with her latest album, 25. The bestselling British singer-songwriter talks to Shad, host of CBC's q, about the struggles leading up to 25's triumphant debut and balancing life as a hitmaker and parent.
Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington's 'right arm', to be paid tribute to at Capilano University concert audio
"Strayhorn lives the life that I would love to live. He is the pure artist. He writes, when the spirit strikes him," the Duke said of Strayhorn, who was born 100 years ago on Nov. 29.
Dixie Chicks give P.E.I. singer Meaghan Blanchard's parody a social media nod
P.E.I. singer-songwriter Meaghan Blanchard's parody of the Dixie Chicks' Grammy-award winning song Not Ready to Make Nice has received a social media nod from the band itself.
Q+A Adult colouring book trend going strong
They're topping the best-seller lists and winning more and more new fans. But while some people sharpen their pencil crayons, others scratch their heads at the adult colouring book trend. CBC pop culture columnist Tara McCarthy fills us in.