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Writer sues Tupak Shakur biopic for copyright infringement
Kevin Powell is suing the filmmakers behind All Eyez on Me, arguing the Tupac Shakur biopic pulls information from a series of articles he wrote about the late rapper in the 1990s.
Bradley Cooper makes surprise appearance on Glastonbury Festival stage
Actor Bradley Cooper surprised fans by taking the stage at the Glastonbury Festival Friday, since he wasn't exactly part of the lineup.
Schwarzenegger, Macron riff on Trump's campaign slogan in selfie video
Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and recently elected French president Emmanuel Macron are showing their commitment to fighting climate change — and their condemnation of U.S. President Donald Trump —in a not-so-subtle selfie video.
Boyhood actress gets deferred sentence for drug charge
Lorelei Grace Linklater, a 24-year-old actress from the Oscar-nominated movie Boyhood, has been given a three-year deferred sentence for a drug possession charge in Texas.
'It's about making people think': Trademark ruling on The Slants motivates Canadians
The U.S. Supreme Court's striking down a law banning offensive trademarks, a victory for Asian-American band The Slants, has inspired Canadian free-speech proponents and Canadian bands who've faced similar treatment north of the border.
Queens of the ring: Netflix's Glow puts spotlight on women's wrestling, then and now video
Netflix's new series Glow taps into a growing movement of female empowerment in popular culture.
All Power to the People: MMFA's Revolution exhibit celebrates the radical 1960s
To say the late 1960s altered how we see and think about the world is something of an understatement, as a new exhibit at Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts makes graphically clear.
Video Johnny Depp apologizes, says Trump assassination quip was 'bad joke' video
Johnny Depp is apologizing for a "bad joke" about assassinating U.S. President Donald Trump during an appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in Britain.
A (beautiful) Canada Day: U2's Bono, The Edge coming to Ottawa July 1
Rock stars Bono and The Edge from U2 will be performing a song on Parliament Hill on Canada Day, the Department of Canadian Heritage announced Friday.
FILM REVIEW: More than meets the why? The cinematic slurry that is Transformers: The Last Knight video
Transformers: The Last Knight is the latest in a string of movie based on the cartoons and toy line. The result? A never-ending orgy of metallic destruction.