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Is Woody Allen finished? Industry watchers, former fans raise question in wake of renewed allegations
Woody Allen has long been a favourite art house director for Hollywood's A-list talent. But with an increasing number of actors distancing themselves from his films, the 82-year-old filmmaker's prolific career might be winding down.
Tom Petty died of accidental drug overdose, coroner says video
Rocker Tom Petty died in October due to "multisystem organ failure" brought on by an accidental overdose of seven medications, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's office said on Friday.
THE FIFTH ESTATE Soulpepper kept previous sex harassment scandal quiet for 19 months
Soulpepper Theatre Company stayed silent about allegations of sexual harassment against one of its directors for nearly two years before allegations against artistic director Albert Schultz sent shockwaves through the theatre community, an investigation by The Fifth Estate has found.
Lingering cold forces Céline Dion to cancel more Las Vegas concerts
Canadian singer Céline Dion has cancelled two more concerts in Las Vegas, making it seven shows she has cancelled this month due to illness.
Can #MeToo movement do harm? Ansari story raises question
The #MeToo movement has been embraced by legions of women as a vital step toward countering widespread sexual abuse and misconduct. This week, more so than at any point in the movement's brief history, there's visceral discussion about its potential for causing harm.
Peter Mayle, author of A Year in Provence, dead at 78
Peter Mayle, the British author whose midlife relocation to France inspired his bestselling A Year in Provence and other works set in his adopted country, died Thursday at age 78.
The Eagles settle lawsuit against Canadian-owned Hotel California
The Eagles have settled a lawsuit to stop a Mexico hotel from using the name Hotel California, arguably referencing the country-rock band's most famous song, after the hotel's owners withdrew their application to trademark the name in the United States.
Video Here's what Winnipeg's Ice Castles look like from above video
The Ice Castles attraction at The Forks is a winter wonderland, especially when lit up at night. CBC used a drone to get aerial footage of it.
Thousands are lining up online for a selfie with AGO's blockbuster Infinity Mirrors
Thousands of people are queuing online to get a ticket for AGO's exhibit of'Infinity Mirrors' by 88-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. But critics say the AGO may be missing an opportunity to introduce a flood of gallery newcomers to Canadian artists whose work isn’t the stuff of selfies and line-ups.
CBC BOOKS Nancy Richler, author of The Imposter Bride, dead at 60
Award-winning novelist Nancy Richler has died in Vancouver at the age of 60 following a long battle with cancer.