Teghan's top 5 things to do in Winnipeg this weekend (April 29-May 1)

​This weekend was too busy to include all the cool things I wanted to, so if you have extra time go see the Crooked Brothers at Times Changed this weekend to even things out, OK? Apr 29

review RMTC's BOOM provides dynamic look at baby boom generation

It’s hard to argue that there hasn’t been a lot said about the baby boomers. But with his solo show BOOM, Rick Miller finds a creative and engaging way to join that conversation, if not necessarily redefining what we know about boomers. Apr 29

review MTYP's In This World offers a blunt look at teens, sex and consent

Teen sex, rape, racism and "slut shaming." Hannah Moscovitch's In This World is atypically blunt for young people’s theatre, and may set a new record for naughty words and discussions of sex acts on the MTYP stage. Apr 22

Teghan's top 5 things to do in Winnipeg this weekend (April 22-24)

​There are so many fun things happening this weekend – with an excellent assortment of comedy on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, a Charlie Kaufman movie at Cinematheque and an Eagle Lake Owls show at a tiny venue in Osborne Village. Apr 22

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