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Winnipeg Votes 2006
Winnipeg Votes 2006

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Voting Date: October 25, 2006  

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St. Boniface

Final Results:

St. Boniface Total
Number of Polls 62/62  
Murray Cliff 485 2.81
Franco Magnifico (incumbent)
Daniel Vandal 9785

Ward Profile:


St. Boniface is a large and diverse area on the east side of the city and boasts the largest French-speaking community in Western Canada. It encompasses the area marked by Mission Street in the north, Plessis Road on the east, the Perimeter Highway in the south, and the Seine River on the west.

It has a blend of old neighbourhoods, new building developments, businesses and industrial parks.

In the 2002 civic election, Dan Vandal won by acclamation, but resigned to run for mayor in 2004. Franco Magnifico then won the seat in a byelection.

Ward profile by Brant Batters, a journalism major in the Creative Communications program at Red River College.


Murray Cliff

Murray Cliff has a radical plan to try to get the vote in St. Boniface this year. He plans on not spending one cent of taxpayers’ money.

Quick Check - Murray CliffWhen Cliff, 44, fills out his audited financial statement at the end of this election, he will not ask to be reimbursed for any expenses. He plans to fund his entire campaign out of his own pocket, and he challenges his opponents to do the same.

"I have no team working with me," says Cliff.

He knocks on doors by himself and then works out of his home at night.

Cliff’s no stranger to the campaign trail. He ran for the Liberal party in the Radisson riding during the 2003 provincial election, where he came in third place to Bidhu Jha of the NDP. He believes he knocked on over 800 doors.

From his business background at Vicwest, a building envelope solutions company in St. Boniface, Cliff feels that he knows how to sell the area and what is needed or possible in the ward.

"At the corner of Archibald and Marion," says Cliff, "we have to put something there that provides a tax base. Whether that be an urban reserve or a sports complex, we have to get something going quickly."

Cliff believes that Windsor Park, Island Lakes, and Southdale will suffer a strong odour coming from the OlyWest hog plant. He thinks the location was a poor choice.

Being environmentally conscious, Cliff is a believer in the transit system, and has his own EcoPass. In fact, he was also instrumental in bringing the EcoPass to his workplace. 

"We have the best transit in the world."

But Cliff feels that future rapid transit systems should be considered before road construction begins. He says emergency workers have told him that because of the poor street conditions they have to spend a great deal of money on maintenance repairs for emergency vehicles.

Cliff lives and works in St. Boniface with his wife and two children who attend Windsor Park Collegiate.

Candidate profile by Brant Batters, a journalism major in the Creative Communications program at Red River College.

Franco Magnifico (incumbent)

Franco Magnifico, who was born and raised in St. Boniface, believes that after two years of service as a city councillor, that he has a duty not just to his ward, but to the city of Winnipeg.

Quick Check - Franco Magnifico"I’ve found that in my last two years, that the first job of a city councillor is to maintain and take care of a ward's needs," says Magnifico. "The second part, and perhaps the biggest part of the job, is how it fits into the bigger picture of the city."

Magnifico, who was first elected in a byelection in 2004, wants to show that Winnipeg is open for business. That will get people to visit or even move to Winnipeg.

Magnifico believes events such as the Junos or the Country Music Awards create economic spin-offs and put Winnipeg on the map.

"When [former New York mayor] Rudy Giuliani spoke here, everyone in North America knew he was here," says Magnifico. "Things like that we have to keep going after."
Public safety, infrastructure, and community clubs are issues facing voters in this election.

Magnifico believes that public safety is a huge issue, not just downtown, but in the suburbs as well. He would like to see back lanes improved, not just major roads and bridges. Community clubs need a way in which they can expand and grow based on need.

Magnifico, 51, owned and operated the St. Boniface Hotel for almost 20 years. He was also vice-president of the Manitoba Hotel Association. Magnifico has been on many boards and committees in both Winnipeg and around the province including the Notre Dame Community Club, the French Quarter BIZ, and the St. Boniface Optimist Club.

Magnifico has sat on the city’s property and planning committee, and the executive policy committee, and was chairman of the mayor’s red tape commission.

Magnifico did not answer yes/no for the questions on: imposing fixed limits for council terms, introducing a pesticide ban similar to Brandon, and installing security cameras in public places. Instead, Magnifico marked an "X" between the yes and no boxes.

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Candidate profile by Brant Batters, a journalism major in the Creative Communications program at Red River College.

Dan Vandal

Dan Vandal, 46, is back running for city council in St. Boniface. In the 2004 byelection Vandal received 55,644 votes, just over half as many as the winner Sam Katz. Now he is looking to regain his seat on city council, a seat which he held for almost eight years.

Quick Check - Dan VandalVandal has not closed the door on running for mayor again, but says this election is not the time for it.

"It’s not to say I am not interested in citywide issues because I certainly am, but the timing wasn’t right in terms of another mayoral race and in terms of my family and commitments that would have to be made."

Vandal wants to make sure that the momentum he created in St. Boniface before 2004 continues, and the best way for him to do that is run for councillor. He has big plans for St. Boniface and one of the major issues for him is housing, especially in the north area of the ward.

"We need to make it a neighbourhood with a diversity of housing choices. We need housing for our new Canadians, senior housing, condo housing for yuppies, single family housing. Make it a diverse neighbourhood where you can live in many different locations."

Along with housing in north St. Boniface, Vandal would like to see the area developed into a tourism centre.

"I want to create Provencher Boulevard rival to Osborne and Corydon Avenue," says Vandal.

Another area where Vandal would like to see improvements is community clubs.

 "We have to improve our recreational service that we provide and actually work with community groups and start flowing some money into them," says Vandal.

On the questionnaire Vandal did not choose for or against community super-centres because he thinks that in some cases it would work, but others it wouldn’t.

"The beauty of recreation facilities is that small is better sometimes because they are more accessible for kids. That’s not to say the odd mega-centre is not a good idea, it is," says Vandal.

He would like to see money go into improving the existing community clubs.

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Candidate profile by Rhys Kelso, a journalism major in the Creative Communications program at Red River College.


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