Vote for your favourite burger!

Information Radio wants to know where you can order the best classic hamburger?

Top 10

We narrowed them down from 25 and the top 5 will compete in a blind taste test to determine the winner.

  1. Mrs Mike's (14.9%)
  2. Boon Burger (13.95%)
  3. V.J.'s Drive Inn (10.11%)
  4. Dairi-Wip Drive-In (8.13%)
  5. 5 Guys (7.25%)
  6. Unburger (7.15%)
  7. Georges's Burgers (6.53%)
  8. Super Boy's Family Restaurant (4.22%)
  9. The Burger Place (4.19%)
  10. North Star Drive-In (3.88%)

The Judges

Doug Speirs, Humour Columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press

It is a known scientific fact that Doug Speirs, exists on a diet consisting almost entirely of cheeseburgers. This is because he’s an idiot, but a very happy one.

What is the key to a truly great burger? According to Doug, it’s all about the meat. You need a good ground chuck that is about 80 per cent lean to 20 per cent fat. If a burger is too lean, there’s not enough juicy flavour. Remember: Fat equals flavour!

Yes, buns, are important, and Doug means that in a strictly culinary sense, but the key is to make grill a nice big patty, get a lovely crust on it, and NEVER EVER squeeze the juice out by pressing on it with your barbecue flipper. Seriously, stop doing that, people.

Go easy on the condiments. A bit of chipotle mayo is always nice, but don't slather it with gallons of catsup and mustard. Speaking of mustard, a touch of Dijon is always nice.

Tim Turner, Founding Member of Burger Club Winnipeg

Tim Turner takes burger tasting to a whole new level with the crew at the Burger Club; beef patty, cheese, bacon, toppings and bun must all pass his rigorous standards. Tim says "Paying close attention to what I was eating turned into a bit of a curse, because some burgers I once blissfully enjoyed, now leave me wanting." Dave's criterion for a good burger is fresh, seasoned beef that’s moist but not fatty, not too dense and not too soft, and a good balance of flavours with the toppings. The bun is important too and must do the job of encapsulating the burger without breaking apart, be soft and not dry and not exceed the optimum burger to bun ratio.

Robin Summerfield, award winning travel and food writer with Manitoba Scene, Peg City Grub and former editor of Ciao! and Where Winnipeg.

Robin is a fan of local, organic, and healthful food... values she never puts above flavour. She requires that a burger satisfy all senses....well, hearing might be stretch. The patty must be moist and juicy but it must also be the brawny and bold star of the show. Toothsome and varied in texture is a burger bonus. Crispy, smoky, salty bacon doesn’t hurt either. Wimpy cheeses leave her "cold". Robin states "I want cheese with guts and gusto. Add some heat, like a dash of chili sauce, to make my mouth zing and you’ve got the makings of a grand burger."