We are high and dry!

Monday, April 29

Roxane Lucrece Anderson

Roxame lives in Breezy Point where she is President of the Flood Prone Ratepayers Group of St. Andrews.

What a relief. All roads stayed open this weekend.

The river ice left on Saturday while I was away at my niece's 18th birthday party. So I did get to leave after all. The waiting for the flood is over.
The water inside the ring dike is almost gone. We were able to remove a frozen drain cap. I am so glad floodwaters never reached our newly-constructed dike as the top soil would have washed away.

More good news: Flood Prone Ratepayers of St. Andrew's member, Albert Makara, sent us this photo of the end of Main, where Netley Creek meets the Red River.

The river ice is well on the way to the marsh.

Everything's normal. Like old times.

The river never swamped the first bank. We didn't see any uprooted trees floating downriver as in high water years. The 2,000 tree saplings I planted along our riverbank last spring will have a chance to grow --- replacement soldiers for the ones lost in 2009.

We spent the better part of Sunday in comfortable chairs watching "River TV."

Two bald eagles with football player-like shoulders, huddled in nearby tree tops and kept us company. Squadrons of pelicans, our "Prairie Swans," flew back and forth. Lake Winnipeg is still closed to them.

The Red River couldn't decide if she should reflect the blueness of the clear sky or pull from the colour of her muddy bottom. The contrast of blue sky, gun-metal coloured water and golden-yellow grasses lining the riverbank, was dazzling.

I watched as a gull stood on a piece of ice and glided by.

There shouldn't be any more worries. We have our flood protection. We should enjoy the beauty of this place that keeps us here.

Summer is around the corner. Fall and winter will follow. This time next year, will be another spring.

And yes, we will worry.

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