THEN & NOW: Sun shone, snow gone on March 17, 2012

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Winnipeggers can look forward to warmer temperatures this week --- maybe some thawing of the mountainous snow banks and one less wool layer to wear.

But it’s a far cry from two years ago when people were wearing shorts, sipping drinks on patios, or teeing off at golf courses that opened earlier than ever before. On March 17, 2012, the temperature hit 19.1 C.

This time around, March 17 is expected to reach – 2 C with Winnipeggers buried under another eight centimetres of snow from a stormy Sunday.

CBC meteorologist John Sauder calls for daytime highs this week between 1 C and – 8 C, with overnight lows between – 9 C and – 13 C.

But the long range look suggests things will get cold again on the weekend with highs of about – 9 C and overnight lows of – 17 to - 22 C.

Normal temperatures for this time are a daytime high of 0 C and an overnight low of -10 C.