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VOTE: What is our most annoying bug?


It's an unfortunate symptom of a Manitoba summer.


They love this glorious weather just as much as we humans do.

So what bugs you? Slather on some repellent, grab the insecticidal soap and pick your least favourite summer-time pest.


We flail, we swat, we sweat. We spray, cover up, and hide. But still the tiny, fearsome mosquito penetrates our best defences.


Also known as sand flies, mayflies and shadflies — are winged aquatic insects about three centimetres long. They make brief, though messy, appearances in Manitoba every summer, hovering around lights and clinging to windows and walls; their flying, adult lifespan lasts less than two days — long enough to mate — then they die.


The buzzing, stinging insects can drive people off patios and out of their backyards.

Wasps release a "very potent" venom when they sting, and severe allergic reactions to the venom can kill a person, according to Health Canada.

Chinch Bugs

These little guys love your lawn. Turning up after dry summers Chich bugs lay eggs beneath the soil. When they hatch they suck the moisture out of your grass blades leaving your lawn deader than a dandilion hit with 24D.


Ankles beware. Horseflies like humans just as much as they do horses.

The female needs a blood meal before reproducing, and her maternal instinct can lead to a painful bite. But they are important pollenators for some flowers. So remember, for every red mark on your legs, there's a flower saying thank-you.

Wood Ticks

So the weather's ideal and you're raring to enjoy the great outdoors — you notice these annoying little pests on your skin.

This also carry Lyme disease and are trekking to new locations in the province, Manitoba Health says.


There are more than fifty species of ants in Manitoba. Some make large mounds in your lawn. Others may shack up in your kitchen. And who wants to devour an ant when taking a bite of that watermelon while picnicing in the park? Ant traps and ant poison are a staple of anyone's household pest control centre.

Scarlet Lily Beetle

The red lily scarlet beetle can devour a patch of lilies in a day or two, leaving just the stems behind.

They are dubbed the "red menace" by gardeners and have no natural predator, so it's up to gardeners to keep them in check.

Female scarlet lily beetles can lay hundreds of eggs on the underside of leaves. The eggs hatch within 10 days, revealing a yellowish larvae with a slimy black coating that feeds on the foliage.

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