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Welcome to Learning English with CBC. Here you will find English as an Additional Language (EAL) lessons which are based on CBC Manitoba radio stories broadcast on CBC Radio One 89.3 FM and 990 AM. The lessons are designed for intermediate level learners and there are tips on how to adapt them on the teacher's page. Each lesson has a classroom version and a self-study version. All of the lessons are available on the website.

You will also find newscasts which are adapted for high beginner / low intermediate EAL learners and are based on CBC news stories. The newscasts and listening lessons change weekly. Newscasts are also archived on the Learning English with CBC Manitoba website.

All of the lessons provide opportunities for you to improve your English while learning more about Manitoba's culture, people and language. Whether you are living in Manitoba now or are thinking about making Manitoba your new home, we hope you enjoy Learning English with CBC!

Click on the latest lesson or the latest newscast to get started.

For more Manitoba news and information, listen to CBC Radio One, watch CBC News Winnipeg or log on to cbc.ca/manitoba.

EAL Students in Manitoba

We hope that you will use these lessons to learn more about Manitoba, the people who live here and the issues that are on the minds of Manitobans. We hope these lessons will create a deeper understanding of Manitoba, and will work on improving the communication skills you need to increase your participation in your community or workplace.

Students in Other Countries

The stories and interviews used in these lessons are a great way to learn about Manitoba and the people who live here. You will learn about the issues, culture and the language used in this province, and you will have a better sense of what to expect when you arrive.

EAL Teachers

These lessons are intended to complement your curriculum with made-in-Manitoba content. We welcome any feedback and suggestions that can help us make these lessons relevant for your classroom. Please contact us with your suggestions.


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