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blog Why reporting on suicide is never easy

Suicides and bomb threats. Two things newsrooms always debate before reporting. Why? Traditional thinking is you don’t want to encourage others to try it, just to get attention. You have to have a darn good reason to argue successfully for reporting either one. Dec 01

blog Behind the Scenes with Janet Stewart: Vanity kills

Vanity kills, or in the case of CBC News: Winnipeg host Janet Stewart, it bruises badly. Oct 08

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Host, CBC News Winnipeg

Bringing 20 years of journalistic experience to CBC, Janet Stewart has hosted CBC News Winnipeg at 5, 5:30 & 6 p.m. on CBC Television since 2007. She was nominated for a Best News Anchor Gemini alongside accomplished anchors such as Peter Mansbridge. CBC News Winnipeg, the show she helps write and produce, was also nominated as Best Newscast in Canada.