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Richard Raiswell - Branding PEI

Richard Raiswell Political Columnist.jpgLately the PEI headlines that have gone viral in the news have to do with Senator Mike Duffy's place of residency and the discovery of many seals killed on one of our beaches. Not exactly the kind of images that draw tourists or say the Gentle Island or Come Play on My Island. Our political columnist has been thinking about the new opportunity to brand PEI and Richard Raiswell sees an opportunity.

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Elected Versus Appointed? - Senator Catherine Callbeck

SenatorCatherineCallbeck2013.jpgCatherine Callbeck has served as a PEI senator since she was appointed by Jean Chretien back in 1997. Next summer she'll have to step down, upon reaching the senate's mandatory retirement age of 75. Hers is the next island senate seat which will become vacant, assuming Mike Duffy manages to hold on to his position. With all the talk about senate reform lately, we decided to ask Senator Callbeck, among other things, whether her seat should be filled by an elected or an appointed, senator. We reached Catherine Callbeck in Ottawa.

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Richard Raiswell - Protecting Seals

Richard Raiswell Political Columnist.jpgThe recent killing of seals on beach near Beach Point has made news headlines across North America. And it prompted our Political Columnist Richard Raiswell to take a closer look at what legislative protections, if any, are in place in the province to protect seals or any living being for that matter from this type of cruelty. Here's Richard now.

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