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Frank Zakem - Former Mayor of Charlottetown

Frank Zakem 3.jpgPeople all across Prince Edward Island were saddened this morning to hear of the passing of Frank Zakem. Frank was a former mayor of Charlottetown, the long-time principal of Holland College, and is remembered for his deep and sincere commitment to his community and to the less privileged. George MacDonald was privileged to serve on city council with Frank Zakem, and he joins us now to share some of his thoughts about the man.

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Marc Garneau - Federal Liberal Party Race

Marc Garneau 3.jpgThe race to lead the federal liberal party is off and running. You may have seen the first of the debates featuring 9 candidates yesterday. One of those candidates has already made history in this country The first Canadian in outer space - Marc Garneau took part in 3 flights on NASA space shuttles. He's also a retired military officer and an engineer and he's brought that wealth of experience to his job in Ottawa as MP for Westmount-Ville Marie in Montreal. And now he's set his sights on the Liberal leadership. Marc Garneau is visiting PEI today and joins me now.

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Corporate Research Associates Poll

CRA Poll Karen Mair.jpgAs you've heard in our news today, a new poll was just released by Corporate Research Associates. It looks at how Atlantic Canadians feel about federal politics and some of the numbers are quite dramatic on PEI in particular. Big drops from November 2011 to November 2012 in support for the federal Conservatives and significant increases for the federal liberals. Don Mills is CEO of Corporate Research Associates. He spoke with Brendan Elliott.

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