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Island Senator Mike Duffy - Maritime Union

MikeDuffy3.jpgThe idea of a 3-way marriage among maritime provinces is circulating again. On the tails of last week's meeting of Premiers - Donald Savoie, the Canada research chair in public administration at the University of Moncton, raised the idea of Maritime Union. Savoie is a long time proponent of a formal union and would like to see more barriers broken down in the region. Now an Island Senator is speaking out on the idea.

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Throne Speech Debrief - Brendan Elliott

BrendanElliotThroneSpeech.jpgLieutenant Governor Frank Lewis opened the fall session of the provincial legislature this week with his speech from throne. The speech gives Islanders a glimpse at the blueprint or roadmap government plans to follow for the next year. Our political reporter Brendan Elliott has gone through the speech and he joined Karen Mair in the studio with some of the highlights.

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