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Performance/Event: June 2013 Archives

Having Hope At Home - Victoria Playhouse

BreannaMooreMarkFraser.jpgHaving Hope At Home is the name of the first play in this summer's lineup at the Victoria Playhouse. It also follows the recent passing of Co-founder and Artistic Director Erskine Smith. Breanna Moore and Mark Fraser are starring in the play and spoke with Karen Mair about Erskine and the future. Having Hope At Home continues until August 4th.

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Anne and Gilbert - Ellen Denny and Patrick Cook

AnneGilbertx3A.jpgIt's a big change for the actors, the audience and just about anyone involved in the production of Anne and Gilbert, on now at The Guild in Charlottetown. From a big stage, to a much more intimate venue and a challenging schedule, the show launched this week to great reviews.

CBC's Steve Bruce stopped in at The Guild for a chat with Ellen Denny, playing Anne, and Patrick Cook, playing Gilbert Blythe. The show runs from now until mid October at the Guild.

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