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St. Ann's Manse house... hits the road

StAnnsManseHouse.jpgPeople driving in the Kingston/Emyvale area of the Island had to deal with a different type of traffic jam... a building was taking up both lanes. The old manse, adjacent to St. Ann's Church, was on the move to a new location. Jean-Serge Gagnon is the proud new owner of St. Ann's Manse in Emyvale PEI, and he dropped by the studio.

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Rising waters force Islander out of Calgary home

CalgaryFlooding.jpgAbout 75,000 Calgary residents were forced to leave their homes in the City of Calgary last night due to the rising flood waters. The waters have crested earlier this morning but officials have warned new surges could arrive with little notice as the rains continue. One of the people forced out of the evacuation zone is Islander Patrick Grant. He spoke with CBC reporter Stephanie Vankampen.

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Devastating virus hits strawberry fields in PEI

StrawberryFeilds.jpgA devastating virus has hit at least two strawberry fields on PEI. That could mean a smaller berry crop this year...and big losses for some growers. The province is sampling fields to determine if it's spread further. Strawberry growers met last night to talk about what they can do to protect their crops. Stephanie vanKampen spoke to Arny Nabuurs, president of the PEI Strawberry Growers Association.

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