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Music/Artist: January 2013 Archives

Sharing the Songwriting Craft - Colin MacDonald

Colin MacDonald Karen Mair.jpgThe band The Trews have gone from growing up together to playing in highschool and local gigs in Antigonish to touring the world and winning lots of accolades and fans along the way. And if you're going to have success as a band - songwriting is key. It's an art that Colin MacDonald will be sharing some wisdom about. Tomorrow night he's hosting the Songwriter's Circle - a concert at the King's Playhouse in Georgetown. And Friday he's giving an interactive workshop at the Confederation Centre. Colin MacDonald slid into the studio earlier today.

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Trinity Bradshaw - Emerging Artist

Trinity Bradshaw 3.jpgA young woman originally from Summerside who already had a promising musical career on the horizon, just got a lot more promising. Trinity Bradshaw won a six-figure grant from a Calgary radio station to further her musical career. We'll catch up with her, and talk about where this might take her. That was Trinity Bradshaw in Calgary. She's the pride of Summerside. Summerside has a lot of people to be proud of, she's one of them. Here's a song of Trinity's, you can find this on itunes it's called Gravity.
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PEI Musician James Phillips

James Phillips 3.jpgPEI musician James Phillips has a new project on the go, along with a few other familiar names. We'll hear all about "Sweetheart Jim And The Brothers Grim".

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