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Music/Artist: November 2012 Archives

Paper Lions - King's County Food Banks

PaperLions3.jpgIsland Band Paper Lions is home for the holidays. And they've decided to put on a concert unlike anything they've done before. It's a sit down show with lots of amazing back-up talent. And the guys are planning to give back to the Food banks in King's county. Colin Buchanan David MacDonald and John MacPhee dropped by the Studio recently.

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Music Ed - Holland College to Berklee College

Berklee3.jpgThey say it takes practice practice practice to get to Carnegie Hall. It also takes talent and these days music education. Music students at Holland College now have an extra edge in their education. The college has an agreement with what's considered the most famous music school in the world - the Berklee College of Music in Boston. It's alumni include 200 Grammy Award winners. Forty three hundred students attend Berklee with international students coming from 90 countries including Canada. Today two staff members from Berklee were jamming with students at the Holland College School of Performing Arts. And there's a chance for more jamming this evening. Karen Mair met with Alan Dowling Head of music performance at Holland College and Jason Camelio the Director of International programs at Berklee College of music.

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Steven Page - Barenaked and Solo

StevenPage3.jpgIt seemed like a more innocent time didn't it? It was the early 1990s, a new band emerged, with a funny name and a funny little song people kept calling radio stations to request. The song was If I had a million dollars, the band was the Barenaked Ladies. They were together for 20 years, they're still together, but their front man Steven Page went his own way a few years ago. He's on a solo tour right now, performing tonight at the Harmony House Theatre in Hunter River. We reached Steven Page on the phone.

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