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Music/Artist: July 2012 Archives

Murray McLauchlan - Q-Line

We'll revisit another rainy day back in October of last year, and a somewhat "personal" conversation with Murray McLauchlan. When we reached Murray McLauchlan he was in a van parked on the side of highway 104 in Nova Scotia. Murray was on his way to Summerside to play a concert that evening and he took the time to answer our Mainstreet Q-Line questions.

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Klezmer Concert - Mark Simons

Mark Simons will be the featured performer on clarinet along with Blue Engine String Quartet tonight in a concert of Klezmer music at the Indian River Festival in St Mary's Church. Led by Anne Simons and her brother - these Montreal based musicians will perform a fiery and passionate mix of klezmer music. We reached Mark Simons while the musicians were on a rehearsal break earlier today.

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Shane Howard - Musician

ShaneHowardCD.jpgHe is the writer behind Australia's rock anthem for Aboriginal rights.  Shane Howard is on PEI for a performance tonight - he dropped by to say gday.

Due to copyrights we could not include the music. Here's a link to a Youtube version of Shane Howard - Solid Rock

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